Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Seen this eBay auction? Is/was Shag really a shill for big tobacco or is the seller mistaken?

i unfortunately don't have access to even a decent imaging program right now, so there's no way to get a better look at the lower right-hand corner to see if it's Shag's signature. To quote my grandpa "Oh strawberries!"

The La La Land Gallery will be hosting the "Hot Lunch" Group Show with Shag contributing an original lunchbox design from Saturday, September 24th, to November 1st.


Finally picked up a copy of "Shag: The Art of Josh Agle" last night. Overall, I'd buy the book all over again, but here's the negatives:

  1. It's annoying how some of the images were cropped ("The Impossible View" truly becomes an impossible view)
  2. There are a fair share of things the proofreaders missed (more on that later)
  3. There isn't an afterword or final page - the book just ends, at first I thought my copy came with pages missing
  4. (Let me put my art critic hat on...) The images are grouped together by subject, I was hoping for a chronological presentation to show progression
Rough breakdown of images to shows -

Anatomy of a Swinger - 4

Dial "H" For Hipster - 2
Party Crashers - 1

Calypso Show - 5
"J" Is For Jetsetter - 6
Supersonic Swingers - 13

The Coolest Ghouls - 2
Dangerous Women - 8
Inside the Volcano - 1
Night of the Tiki - 15 (complete show)
The Sinner's Cookbook - 1

Bottomless Cocktail - 9
Come Sin With Me - 1
Hedonist Confidential - 8
The Leisure Principle - 3
An Open Letter To the Emperor - 3
People In the City - 15

Greetings From the Soul Patch - 5
Music After Midnight - 11
Tell No One - 3
The Twelve Stations of Ptolemy - 12 (complete show)

Before the Eviction - 11
Call of Kapu - 7
Heroes and Monsters - 11
Holidays on Ice - 8 (complete show)

A Gracious Oasis - 3

From Group Shows - 8

Still trying to place about 12 images, especially pages 40-41, "The Ghost of a Cad" from 2003 - nice!

Here's the editorial errors I've found so far (the majority of them are nitpicky, but 3 of them really need to be corrected before the second print run):

Cover (and page 50) - "The Little Fiddler" - I always thought it was "The Gifted Fiddler"

Page 2 - "Table Scraps" - "The Arcane Art of Outdoor Entertaining" from "J" Is For Jetsetter

Page 38 - "Love Beasts" - "The Love Beast" from the From Your Valentine Group Show

Page 47 - "Liberace's Hand" - book says 2003, The Leisure Principle was in 2002

Pages 56-57 - "The Dearly Departed" - book says 2002, Dangerous Women was in 2001

Page 59 - "Death Accompanies The Latin Drummers" - book says 2001, "J" Is For Jetsetter was in 2000

Pages 64-65 - "The Last Supper" - "Dino's Dinner," book says 2000, The Party Crashers was in 1999. "Bottomless Cocktail" refers to the piece as "L'Ultima Cena" (Italian for "The Last Supper") with a date of 1998.

Page 69 - "Prelude To Domestic Disturbance" - The image is actually "Frankenstein's Bride" from Coolest Ghouls

Pages 72-73 - "Satan's Minions Driven From Shrine Azan" - book says 1999, Anatomy of a Swinger was in 1998

Page 75 - "Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man" - book says 2003, the Juxtapoz 8th Anniversary Art Show was in 2002

Page 78 - "La Vespa" - "Il Vespa," book says 1999, Anatomy of a Swinger was in 1998

Page 79 - "Suonatore di Organetto" - book says 2003, Gods and Monsters Group Show opened Dec 06, 2002

Page 83 - "Spirits" - "The Spirits"

Page 94 - "Beatnik Diary" - book says 2002, Dangerous Women was in 2001. More importantly, the image is flipped! Compare this to what you see in the book (where'd the word "Diary" go?).

Page 118 - "Tall Woman on Tiki" - "Woman on Tiki"

Page 128 - "The Collector" - book says 1999, Anatomy of a Swinger was in 1998

Page 130 - "Octoberfiasco" - "Oktoberfiasco"

Page 137 - "Last Table In Vegas" - it's not the "Last Table In Vegas" that we know from Roq La Rue's Americana Group Show or Ox-Op's recent Press Your Luck

Page 158 - "Arachne" - "Arachne and the Warrior"

Pages 182-183 - "The Landlord And The Serpent" - "The Landlord Meets The Serpent"

Page 212 - "Lady Joe and Mr. Pinstripes" - "Mr. Pinstripes and Lady Joe"

All in all, I'm patiently waiting for Volume 2!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Quick Thought: i'm wondering if/when a Shag calendar for 2006 will be released - the three released by Surrey Books came out in the July/August time-frame.


More Disneyland Map chotchkies!

SHAG Bracelet
Edition size: 1955

SHAG Carry All Bag
Retail: $TBD

Also, this here SHAG Pillow? Retail = $58.00.

Thursday, August 25, 2005's the show print for the "LA by Day by Night"shows -

"West Coast Jazz"
12 Color serigraph
Edition of 250
55cm x 61cm (22" x 24")

Q - Is it from either of the "LA by Day by Night" shows?
A - No, it's from "Music After Midnight"

Q - Hey, remember that poll ShagMart had in February/March 2004? Was it one of the top ten images?
A - Nope. Here's the results from that -
  1. "She Digs Mancini" from Music After Midnight
  2. "Odalisque" from Music After Midnight
  3. "In Dreams" from Music After Midnight
  4. "The Elegant Thief" from Supersonic Swingers
  5. "Moonlight Hula" from The Leisure Principle
  6. "She Dreams of the Alps" from Bottomless Cocktail
  7. "The Drunken Cleric" from The Leisure Principle
  8. "The Huntress" from Bottomless Cocktail
  9. "Dead Musician Suite" from Music After Midnight
  10. "The Brave Brave Man" from The Party Crashers
Well, the powers that be have (yet again) saved me a few hundred bucks with their choice of show print...

Thanks to the Keeper of Baal for the e-mail - when are you planning to grace our happy home with your presence (no, not the painting - the owner)?

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The "Tiki Art Two, The Second Coming of a New Art God" catalog is now available for pre-order at 9 mm books.

Title: Tiki Art Two, The Second Coming of a New Art God
Artist(s): Gallery Show Participants
Editor: Otto von Strohiem
Foreword: Jeffrey Vallance (UCLA)
Pub: 9mm Books
ISBN: 0-9766325-7-8
Type: Softcover, 112 pages, full color

"Tiki Art Two" picks up where "Tiki Art Now!" left off. Otto von Stroheim in his second curated Tiki art show at The Shooting Gallery in San Francisco takes us deeper into the Tiki Art Movement. "For this exhibit, I chose a handful of artists whose work I not only enjoy but highly respect as excellent examples of the movement. Some of the artists are well known, integral figures within the Tiki movement (Bosko, Crazy Al, Tiki tOny, etc.), while some of them may not necessarily be associated with Tiki art but have been uniquely inspired to create beautiful Polynesian Pop pieces (Isabel Samaras, Ewik, Niagara, etc)." Otto invited Jeffrey Vallance, artist, writer, curator, explorer, and Visiting Assistant Professor at UCLA's School of the Arts to write the foreword. Jeffrey Vallance provides us with an authoritative historical perspective on what he calls "The Four Generations of Tiki Art." After recognizing the ancient un-named Polynesian artists Jeffrey identifies the first generation of Polynesian Pop Culture as starting in the 1920's. He then takes us through to our current time and place in the third millennium while identifying each of the four generations and their absorbed influences and their influences on threads of our cultural fabric such as music and commercial products. Tiki Art Two is a must have for Tiki-philes, contemporary art and art-book collectors, students of Art History and those throwing the urban patio Tiki party as well as the infamous Martha Stewart style Tiki Luau.

"Tiki Art Two"catalogs the contents of The Shooting Gallery's Tiki Art Show held in September of 2005. Click here to review the Art Showing at The Shooting Gallery.

Order before 16 Sept 05 and get the 10% "Pre-Release Special." They also have a "special combination" of both Tiki Art Now & Tiki Art Two for $34.95.

...and as luck would have it, the Shooting Gallery site has a pic of Shag's contribution to the show posted.

Looks like woman from "The Bird Chair" is back -


Just got the Halloween 2005 issue of the Disney Direct catalog (buying that ETR Host Shirt must have put me on a mailing list). Their "Mickey Monthly" (Vol. 4, Issue 5) has a short blurb about "Shag goes to Disneyland" with a pic of the Disneyland Map and the "most complicated and detailed painting I've ever done" quote.

Speaking of the Disneyland Map event, this page has more info on the date/time of the event -

DISNEYLAND® 50th: Park Map
Saturday, November 12, 2005
10:00 AM - Noon
1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Disneyana Shop, Main Street, U.S.A.

...and pics of two "additional themed collectible gifts and items featuring this artwork" -

SHAG Pillow

SHAG Keepsake Box


Forgot about this interview with Shag from January 2003 issue of Modern Drunkard that coincided with the "Our Deadly Affair" show at Denver's Th'ink Tank Gallery. Back issues costs $4.00 and can be purchased here.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Shooting Gallery Presents:

"TIKI ART TWO: The Second Coming of a New Art God
opening reception Friday, Sept 16, 2005
7pm -11pm
showing through October 8, 2005
open to the public - free of charge

We published another book/catalog on the show $19.95, purchase the book before Sept 16, 2005 get 10% off the retail price. Go to: to pre-order the book or call 9mmBooks at 415-931-5800.

Dave Burke
Davey (can't find a link)
Kirsten Easthope
Crazy Al Evans
Isabel Samaras
Tiki Tony
Heather watts
Derek Yaniger

to get on the waiting list to purchase work from this show email:


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

We have a winnah!

A sharp eyed reader pointed out that the woman in the left pic is -

"The Smiling Widow" from "Dangerous Women"

UPDATE - Who was that eagle eyed individual? Why it was Krista (hip happenin' funky cool fresh nom de plume still being to be announced).

(You think some genius type would create some sort of 'Shag name generator' web widget thing! Not me, i wouldn't have made it through high school Apple IIc+ class if it wasn't for the Keeper of Baal...)


i too am a winnah (at least in my own mind)

Found out where the photographer in the middle pic originated -

"The Scene of the Crime" from "People in the City"

Waitaminute! Is the lady being photographed the same lady (with slight head movement) from "The Scene of the Crime"?


Ever see what might be construed as an imitation (or, some might say, fake/rip-off/sham/et al) Shag item on eBay? Here's how to rat them out -

  1. Get the item number(s)
  2. Click here
  3. Click "Report counterfeit or replica items."
  4. You'll be taken to an eBay log-in screen
  5. Log in (no worries, seller does not find out who the stoolie is)
  6. Enter the item number(s)
  7. Viola!
If the item is still up on eBay for a while post snitching, it doesn't hurt to rat them out to ShagMart.

REMEMBER - 'tributes,' 'look-a-likes,' items that 'borrow' from Shag's designs, and copies and/or cut-outs of his work (buttons, mirrors, handbags - i've seen a slew of home-made cr... ITEMS!) are still considered 'naughty' (in the 'not good' sense of the word).

Anyone out there able to pick up a copy of "Shag: The Art of Josh Agle" yet? Amazon is saying it was supposed to hit the shelves on 11 Aug 05, Chronicle Books is saying August, and Barnes & Noble, oddly enough, is still saying October. Time to call my local independent book reseller.


Looking for info about Shag's upcoming (?) show in Oslo and found this instead...

Using what little German i know to translate the Norwegian, looks like Shag hooked up with Renault to detail a Modus.

The car appears to have been offered up as a contest give away to a reader of Elle (Norwegian edition) and six postcards were made.

Link-o-rama - #1 #2 #3

Let's play spot the references!

Alrightey, this one is easy -

"The Sun Also Rises" from "Dangerous Women"


The one on the right is an easy one too -

"Night Birds" from "Hedonist Confidential"

Now, this one has two references -

The couple (flipped) are from "Cocktail Delivery" from "Bottomless Cocktail"

...and the woman is from "Roma Adventure"


The other three? Anyone? Anyone?

(i'm being forced to actually earn my keep here - time to get my gear ready to clear out another septic tank....)

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Per MousePlanet's Park Update for August 8 to 15 -
...the release of the 50th Anniversary Disneyland Map by artist SHAG (Josh Agle) has been delayed from September 24 to mid-November.
Confirmed by the Disney Gallery -
Please note the 'Disneyland 50th: Park Map' originally scheduled to be released on September 24 has now been moved to November 12, 2005 Please continue to watch for details. No wish list will be taken for this product release.
More info about the release from the Disney Gallery -
Created in celebration of the 50th, Artist SHAG has created a retro-style map featuring some of the most beloved icons, attractions and characters from Disneyland park.

SHAG says, "The Disneyland Map is probably the most complicated and detailed painting I've ever done. It's really like a combination of 20 or 25 little paintings."

Retail: $400
Edition size: 300
Image size: 24 3/4" x 40"

Be sure to keep an eye out for additional themed collectible gifts and items featuring this artwork.

(Translation - i'll be buying me a mini-print.)

(Click on either image to look for the aforementioned 'detail' - maybe Di$ney is holding back on showing the detail until the serigraph release.)

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Images from LA By Day By Night are up on Shag's site.

Earl McGrath LA has LA By Day up for show.

Note how these two shows are being billed as 'Josh Agle' exhibitions - is Shag dead (or on vacation)?

Here's hoping if a show print is released
1. It is from one of these shows
2. It is either "The Secret Cul-de-Sac" or "The Amoralists"

New show(s), new poll(s).

Favorite from Ox-Op's 'Push Your Luck' -
1. Queen of the Strip - 55.56%

2. At The Trop - 14.81%

3 (tie). Dirty Deuce - 11.11%

3 (tie). Casino Kitty Qee - 11.11%

5. Wheel Of Fortune - 7.41%

6. Push Your Luck? - 0%

Monday, August 08, 2005

Pic posted on La Luz de Jesus's site for their upcoming "L.A. By Night" solo show by Josh Agle. No name listed for the piece, but that is the Malin ("Chemosphere") Residence by John Lautner.

Artist's Reception is Friday, 02 Sept 05, from 8:00 to 11:00 PM.

UPDATE - Ahoy matey, this is called "The Amoralists"!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

News you can use from M Modern Gallery -

During the month of August we will be giving away a FREE SHAG “Desert Polynesia” poster [11" x 14.5"] with every PRINT order purchased online from any artist. This is a $ 30.00 value and these posters are typically only sold in person at the gallery. See the poster image below for details. Note: Order any SHAG print and get TWO of these (a $ 60.00 value) instead. This way you can give one to a friend. Again, this offer is only valid through the month of August or while supplies last.

Nice poster - the composition makes it a tad more pleasing to the eye than the serigraph from 2003.


Their "Dionysus Group Show" has been extended to August 28th!

Tiki Man - 1997
Tiki Tones SUBURBAN SAVAGE album - 4" x 6"


Skeleton in German Helmut - 1997
Dionysus Demolition Derby II Poster - 8" x 13"


Tea Time - 1996
Not specifically for Dionysus but same period - 8" x 11"


Tiki Totem - 1996
Tiki Tones IDOL PLEASURES album - 5" x 12"


Wolfmen - 1996
Wolfmen 7" record - 7" x 7"


Woman on Record Island - 1997
Not specifically for Dionysus but same period


Here's Shag's contribution to the Mendenhall Sobieski Gallery's "Everywhere Show"

19" x 24"
Acrylic on Panel

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