Thursday, August 25, 2005's the show print for the "LA by Day by Night"shows -

"West Coast Jazz"
12 Color serigraph
Edition of 250
55cm x 61cm (22" x 24")

Q - Is it from either of the "LA by Day by Night" shows?
A - No, it's from "Music After Midnight"

Q - Hey, remember that poll ShagMart had in February/March 2004? Was it one of the top ten images?
A - Nope. Here's the results from that -
  1. "She Digs Mancini" from Music After Midnight
  2. "Odalisque" from Music After Midnight
  3. "In Dreams" from Music After Midnight
  4. "The Elegant Thief" from Supersonic Swingers
  5. "Moonlight Hula" from The Leisure Principle
  6. "She Dreams of the Alps" from Bottomless Cocktail
  7. "The Drunken Cleric" from The Leisure Principle
  8. "The Huntress" from Bottomless Cocktail
  9. "Dead Musician Suite" from Music After Midnight
  10. "The Brave Brave Man" from The Party Crashers
Well, the powers that be have (yet again) saved me a few hundred bucks with their choice of show print...

Thanks to the Keeper of Baal for the e-mail - when are you planning to grace our happy home with your presence (no, not the painting - the owner)?

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