Thursday, August 11, 2005

Images from LA By Day By Night are up on Shag's site.

Earl McGrath LA has LA By Day up for show.

Note how these two shows are being billed as 'Josh Agle' exhibitions - is Shag dead (or on vacation)?

Here's hoping if a show print is released
1. It is from one of these shows
2. It is either "The Secret Cul-de-Sac" or "The Amoralists"

New show(s), new poll(s).

Favorite from Ox-Op's 'Push Your Luck' -
1. Queen of the Strip - 55.56%

2. At The Trop - 14.81%

3 (tie). Dirty Deuce - 11.11%

3 (tie). Casino Kitty Qee - 11.11%

5. Wheel Of Fortune - 7.41%

6. Push Your Luck? - 0%

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