Wednesday, August 17, 2005

We have a winnah!

A sharp eyed reader pointed out that the woman in the left pic is -

"The Smiling Widow" from "Dangerous Women"

UPDATE - Who was that eagle eyed individual? Why it was Krista (hip happenin' funky cool fresh nom de plume still being to be announced).

(You think some genius type would create some sort of 'Shag name generator' web widget thing! Not me, i wouldn't have made it through high school Apple IIc+ class if it wasn't for the Keeper of Baal...)


i too am a winnah (at least in my own mind)

Found out where the photographer in the middle pic originated -

"The Scene of the Crime" from "People in the City"

Waitaminute! Is the lady being photographed the same lady (with slight head movement) from "The Scene of the Crime"?


Ever see what might be construed as an imitation (or, some might say, fake/rip-off/sham/et al) Shag item on eBay? Here's how to rat them out -

  1. Get the item number(s)
  2. Click here
  3. Click "Report counterfeit or replica items."
  4. You'll be taken to an eBay log-in screen
  5. Log in (no worries, seller does not find out who the stoolie is)
  6. Enter the item number(s)
  7. Viola!
If the item is still up on eBay for a while post snitching, it doesn't hurt to rat them out to ShagMart.

REMEMBER - 'tributes,' 'look-a-likes,' items that 'borrow' from Shag's designs, and copies and/or cut-outs of his work (buttons, mirrors, handbags - i've seen a slew of home-made cr... ITEMS!) are still considered 'naughty' (in the 'not good' sense of the word).

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