Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The "Tiki Art Two, The Second Coming of a New Art God" catalog is now available for pre-order at 9 mm books.

Title: Tiki Art Two, The Second Coming of a New Art God
Artist(s): Gallery Show Participants
Editor: Otto von Strohiem
Foreword: Jeffrey Vallance (UCLA)
Pub: 9mm Books
ISBN: 0-9766325-7-8
Type: Softcover, 112 pages, full color

"Tiki Art Two" picks up where "Tiki Art Now!" left off. Otto von Stroheim in his second curated Tiki art show at The Shooting Gallery in San Francisco takes us deeper into the Tiki Art Movement. "For this exhibit, I chose a handful of artists whose work I not only enjoy but highly respect as excellent examples of the movement. Some of the artists are well known, integral figures within the Tiki movement (Bosko, Crazy Al, Tiki tOny, etc.), while some of them may not necessarily be associated with Tiki art but have been uniquely inspired to create beautiful Polynesian Pop pieces (Isabel Samaras, Ewik, Niagara, etc)." Otto invited Jeffrey Vallance, artist, writer, curator, explorer, and Visiting Assistant Professor at UCLA's School of the Arts to write the foreword. Jeffrey Vallance provides us with an authoritative historical perspective on what he calls "The Four Generations of Tiki Art." After recognizing the ancient un-named Polynesian artists Jeffrey identifies the first generation of Polynesian Pop Culture as starting in the 1920's. He then takes us through to our current time and place in the third millennium while identifying each of the four generations and their absorbed influences and their influences on threads of our cultural fabric such as music and commercial products. Tiki Art Two is a must have for Tiki-philes, contemporary art and art-book collectors, students of Art History and those throwing the urban patio Tiki party as well as the infamous Martha Stewart style Tiki Luau.

"Tiki Art Two"catalogs the contents of The Shooting Gallery's Tiki Art Show held in September of 2005. Click here to review the Art Showing at The Shooting Gallery.

Order before 16 Sept 05 and get the 10% "Pre-Release Special." They also have a "special combination" of both Tiki Art Now & Tiki Art Two for $34.95.

...and as luck would have it, the Shooting Gallery site has a pic of Shag's contribution to the show posted.

Looks like woman from "The Bird Chair" is back -


Just got the Halloween 2005 issue of the Disney Direct catalog (buying that ETR Host Shirt must have put me on a mailing list). Their "Mickey Monthly" (Vol. 4, Issue 5) has a short blurb about "Shag goes to Disneyland" with a pic of the Disneyland Map and the "most complicated and detailed painting I've ever done" quote.

Speaking of the Disneyland Map event, this page has more info on the date/time of the event -

DISNEYLAND® 50th: Park Map
Saturday, November 12, 2005
10:00 AM - Noon
1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Disneyana Shop, Main Street, U.S.A.

...and pics of two "additional themed collectible gifts and items featuring this artwork" -

SHAG Pillow

SHAG Keepsake Box


Forgot about this interview with Shag from January 2003 issue of Modern Drunkard that coincided with the "Our Deadly Affair" show at Denver's Th'ink Tank Gallery. Back issues costs $4.00 and can be purchased here.

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