Monday, June 21, 2004

E-mail newsletter just received from M Modern Gallery -

November 20 to December 5 - "My Way - Tribute to the Rat Pack"
Group Show @ M Modern Gallery


Looks like the previously mentioned Shag scalper had a VERY nice time at the LA County Museum of Art!


Psssst! Hey buddy, Outre Gallery is still selling the "Heroes & Monsters" book for a mere fifteen bucks (+ five bucks postage)!

Maybe s/he had a spare fifty bucks to lose - it's his/her right...


Y - Yawner
Show - Shag: A to Z
Dates - May 31 to July 2, 2003
Gallery - BGH Gallery, Santa Monica, California
eBay Auction #3728237690 - "Josh Agle/Shag Original Painting "Yawner" A-Z Show"
Auction Started - Jun-02-04 19:15:00 PDT
Auction Ended - Jun-12-04 19:15:00 PDT
Seller - pigport01
Winner - bippo55
Closing Price - $4,429.00 (reserve met)

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Looks like at least one Shag scalper had a nice time at the LA County Museum of Art!

Friday, June 18, 2004

Just when I finally get around to updating the page with the upcoming shows... the Shows page gets updated again!

July 3 to September 19 - "100 Artists See Satan"
Group Show @ Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana, CA

Mark Twain once said, “All religions issue Bibles against Satan, and say the most injurious things against him, but we never hear his side.”

While 100 Artists See Satan may not exactly present Satan’s side of things, it does present a wide, albeit inconclusive, range of perspectives; it is intended to be a series of snapshots and ruminations, and it is an essentially visual exercise—there are no artist biographies or artist statements in the catalogue, just images by 100 artists. (Actually 115 artists’ works are included in the catalogue and probably a few more in the exhibition; we attribute this to satanic math and with having an abundance of incredible work that we wanted to include in the exhibition). Some of the artists are famous and some unknown; their approaches to Satan range from humor and absurdity to deadpan seriousness, from blatantly political to esoterically philosophical, from text to symbolic images, from art historical references to pop-culture icons, from overt graphic images to subtle, sometimes poetic gestures, from abstraction to explicit depictions of individuals or imagery, from the found object to the meticulously rendered painting, from drawing to photography to video to music.

Check out the GCAC's page to see the caliber of artists taking part in this show - should be a memorable show. Map/directions from GCAC and a map from Yahoo.

July 17 to August 17 - "Age Of Aquarius"
Group Show @ Copro/Nason Gallery, Culver City, CA

Was worried this one wasn't going to happen with Shag. Here's Yahoo's map.

Ohhh, Barra... barracuda! Yeah!!!


Anyone out there in the OC can tell me if these (#1 #2)are, in fact, legit and how much Disneyland is charging for them?


These are certainly interesting - prototype images of the Shag designs used (and not used) by Bell Sports.

Tiki Skeletons
Tiki Porch Party
Blue Tiki Totem
Green Tiki Totem


Yes, Shag's Shows page was recently updated...

June 11 to 28 - "Bearbrick Worldwide Tour"
Group Show @ Parco Museum, Shibuya, Tokyo

If anyone out there is thinking of going to the exhibition, it's on the 7th floor of Part 3. Get offtheh train at the Shibya station. Here is Parco's map and also a map from Superfuture.

The show is supposed to be going to Osaka, Hokkaido (both Japan), Paris, New York, and other places after this.

July 10 to August 1 - "Qeedrophonic"
Group Show @ OX-OP Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

Maps from Ox-Op and Yahoo.

August 14 to 29 - "Qeedrophonic"
Group Show @ Subliminal Projects, Los Angeles, CA

Subliminal's sight is, well, pretty subliminal. Here's Yahoo's map.

September - "Summer of Tiki"
Group Show @ The Shooting Gallery, San Francisco, CA

The Shooting Gallery has a slew of helpful maps (especially this one). Here's Yahoo's too.

October - "Holidays On Ice"
Solo Show @ Paul Smith Gallery and Store, Paris, France

Here's the worldwide Paul Smith site. Tucked in there is a map/hours for the Paris store (no mention of a gallery).

Maporama's map.

October 2 - November 14 - "Ghost Town"
Group Show @ Tin Man Alley, Newhope, PA

Tin man is in Philadelphia, not Newhope (which is about an hour north of Philly). Here's Yahoo's map. (By the way, I'm not sponsored by Yahoo, I'm just too lazy to find an alternative.)
UPDATE - Shag's page has been changed to say "Philadfelphia" now. Newhope has been dissed (yet again).

October 7 to 17 - "Qeedrophonic"
Group Show @ Laforet Museum, Harajuku, Tokyo

Get off the train at the Harajuku station. Cross the street. Turn left at Snoopyland. For teh rest of the way, refer to the Laforet or Superfuture map(s).

December 3 to 30 - "The Sophisticated Savage"
Group Show @ DC Gallery, Denver, CO

Sweet! Opens just a few weeks after we escape from the hinterland of Northern Japan and move to Denver. Here's DC Gallery's map (and Yahoo's too).


Speaking of Shag's gallery shows, the good people at M Modern Gallery have posted pictures from their "I Dream of Tiki" group show on Shutterfly.

Below are Shag's two contributions to the show:

"Heavyweight" looks like it might have been done recently - look at the richness of the green background. "Calypso"? With the almost impressionistic tikis I'd guess this is an early one.


What's happening with Copro/Nason's upcoming group show, "The Age of Aquarius: Summer Solstice"? I don't know either.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

The Shows page has been updated - I'll throw in some links/maps/blabbering tomorrow (the insomnia of the last week has caught up with me).

That's odd - no mention of the "The Age of Aquarius: Summer Solstice" show at Copro-Nason from July 17th to August 28th (as mentioned in teh current issue of Juxtapoz). Time to send more annoying e-mails!

UPDATE - Here's the word from Copro-Nason:

Yes- He will be exhibiting a painting. Not sure what yet. Thanks

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Whoa... I just noticed on the Los Angeles County Museum of Art's page for the "Tiki 'Till Dawn" event on June 17th that "Barbar" the elephant will be there.

If it's a typo and they actually mean that Babar the elephant will be there... that's cool.

If not... all of you possibly attending have been warned... there may be an elephant that might give you a haircut (whether you want one or not).

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Another Upcoming Group Show -

"The Age of Aquarius: Summer Solstice"
July 17th to August 28th
Copro-Nason Gallery

(page 23 from Juxtapoz #51 - July/August 2004)

Also in Issue #51 -

Page 1 - Ad for M-Modern Gallery
July - The $999 Group Show
October - "Things With Wings" Halloween Group Show
November - "My Way: A Tribute to the Rat Pack" Group Show

Maybe Shag will be taking part in these group shows?

Page 13 - Ad for Dark Horses's CD Cases
Shag 's is based on "Green Onions" from "Music After Midnight"
Pub. Date: July 21, 2004
Price: $11.99
ISBN: 1-59307-180-9

Page 26 - 37 - Article on Juxtapoz's 10th Anniversary Group Show at 111 Minna Gallery

Page 27 - Time to squint your eyes
Find the inset photo on the right at the very bottom. Alright, look at the bottom three paintings above the white sofa - the middle one is Shag's contribution to the show
Better image #1 and #2

Page 81 - Ad for Ox-Op mentioning the upcoming "Qeedrophonic" Group Show

Page 82 - Review of Neko Mook's Japan-only book "Kustom Art Style." I thumbed through a copy yesterday and Shag is only mentioned briefly - it's 130 pages and completely in Japanese.

Page 90 - Brainiac T-shirt available for sale from Juxtapoz
I guess they're no longer selling the "Pirate's Hobbies" print

Page 93 - Ad for DC Gallery including the "Pick of the Litter" show

Overall, I was impressed with the article about Jeff Soto (who did the cover and Juxtapoz poster, "Springtime"), but am concerned about the extremely complimentary article on the "Ex'pression Center for New Media" (who has been paying to be on the back cover for the past few months)

Werewolf? Wolfman? Stop, You're Both Right!

ShagMart has "The Melancholy Wolfman" for sale now.

Or... support the galleries by getting "The Melancholy Werewolf" at the DC Gallery (click "Store" and there you go).


Ms. Cherry Capri's web-site has a plethora of Shag-related items.

A short bio/profile, a slew of photos, and the creme de la creme, check out the video page to see Shag helping out doing "back-up birdcalls" when the Thurston Howlies performed "Quiet Village" (along with Sven Book of the Tiki Kirsten and Hukilau Brown).

Anyone who performs "Jamaica Ska" in concert and has been photographed Mr. Paul Reubens is a-okay in my book.

(Thanks to Ms. Capri's dutiful assistant for the links.)

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Two Down... One to Go -

Juxtapoz #33 (July/August 2001)
Cover Blurb "Learn To Paint Like Shag"
Article Title "Tiki Time With Shag"
Four-page article - pp 52-55
Juxtapoz Price - $30.00
Last Gasp Price - $4.99

Juxtapoz #44 (May/June 2003)
Cover Blurb "Custom Shag Guitars"
Article Title "Shag in the Kustom Shop"
Two-page article - pp 68-69
Juxtapoz Price - $20.00
Last Gasp Price - $4.99

Anyone have a spare Juxtapoz #26 (May/June 2001) to spare (or scan)?

Friday, June 04, 2004

ShagMart's News page has been updated (June 4th) -

1. Melancholy Wolfman, the print for the "Pick of the Litter" show, will go on sale at Shagmart on Monday, June 7th, at 2:00 PM PST. Here's the link.

Why wait until Monday? DC Gallery will sell it to you now!

2. Booksigning at LA County Museum of Art on June 17th at 9:30 PM. (More info here and here.) When you're not getting items signed to sell later on eBay, check out their impressive collection of Japanese and Ancient/Islamic art.

3. Earl McGrath NYC will gladly sell you the "Adam and Eve" print from "Before the Eviction" for $500.00.

Anyone out there who reads this have one in their possession? How's it look framed?

4. Consignment page is updated too. (June 3rd)

5. Subscribe to the ShagMart newsletter here.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Added more to the "Covetous Neighbor - Muzak" site -

Swamp Zombies "Creeps" single
The Tiki Tones "Radio Uprising" CD-R promo
Various Artists "Waterlogged" CD (with a cut from The Tiki Tones)


Y - Yawner
Show - Shag: A to Z
Dates - May 31 to July 2, 2003
Gallery - BGH Gallery, Santa Monica, California
eBay Auction #3728237690 - "Josh Agle/Shag Original Painting "Yawner" A-Z Show"
Auction Started - Jun-02-04 19:15:00 PDT
Auction Ends - Jun-12-04 19:15:00 PDT
Seller - pigport01
Opening Price - $500.00 (reserve not met)

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