Sunday, June 06, 2004

Another Upcoming Group Show -

"The Age of Aquarius: Summer Solstice"
July 17th to August 28th
Copro-Nason Gallery

(page 23 from Juxtapoz #51 - July/August 2004)

Also in Issue #51 -

Page 1 - Ad for M-Modern Gallery
July - The $999 Group Show
October - "Things With Wings" Halloween Group Show
November - "My Way: A Tribute to the Rat Pack" Group Show

Maybe Shag will be taking part in these group shows?

Page 13 - Ad for Dark Horses's CD Cases
Shag 's is based on "Green Onions" from "Music After Midnight"
Pub. Date: July 21, 2004
Price: $11.99
ISBN: 1-59307-180-9

Page 26 - 37 - Article on Juxtapoz's 10th Anniversary Group Show at 111 Minna Gallery

Page 27 - Time to squint your eyes
Find the inset photo on the right at the very bottom. Alright, look at the bottom three paintings above the white sofa - the middle one is Shag's contribution to the show
Better image #1 and #2

Page 81 - Ad for Ox-Op mentioning the upcoming "Qeedrophonic" Group Show

Page 82 - Review of Neko Mook's Japan-only book "Kustom Art Style." I thumbed through a copy yesterday and Shag is only mentioned briefly - it's 130 pages and completely in Japanese.

Page 90 - Brainiac T-shirt available for sale from Juxtapoz
I guess they're no longer selling the "Pirate's Hobbies" print

Page 93 - Ad for DC Gallery including the "Pick of the Litter" show

Overall, I was impressed with the article about Jeff Soto (who did the cover and Juxtapoz poster, "Springtime"), but am concerned about the extremely complimentary article on the "Ex'pression Center for New Media" (who has been paying to be on the back cover for the past few months)

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