Thursday, June 03, 2004

Added more to the "Covetous Neighbor - Muzak" site -

Swamp Zombies "Creeps" single
The Tiki Tones "Radio Uprising" CD-R promo
Various Artists "Waterlogged" CD (with a cut from The Tiki Tones)


Y - Yawner
Show - Shag: A to Z
Dates - May 31 to July 2, 2003
Gallery - BGH Gallery, Santa Monica, California
eBay Auction #3728237690 - "Josh Agle/Shag Original Painting "Yawner" A-Z Show"
Auction Started - Jun-02-04 19:15:00 PDT
Auction Ends - Jun-12-04 19:15:00 PDT
Seller - pigport01
Opening Price - $500.00 (reserve not met)

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