Friday, June 18, 2004

Ohhh, Barra... barracuda! Yeah!!!


Anyone out there in the OC can tell me if these (#1 #2)are, in fact, legit and how much Disneyland is charging for them?


These are certainly interesting - prototype images of the Shag designs used (and not used) by Bell Sports.

Tiki Skeletons
Tiki Porch Party
Blue Tiki Totem
Green Tiki Totem


Yes, Shag's Shows page was recently updated...

June 11 to 28 - "Bearbrick Worldwide Tour"
Group Show @ Parco Museum, Shibuya, Tokyo

If anyone out there is thinking of going to the exhibition, it's on the 7th floor of Part 3. Get offtheh train at the Shibya station. Here is Parco's map and also a map from Superfuture.

The show is supposed to be going to Osaka, Hokkaido (both Japan), Paris, New York, and other places after this.

July 10 to August 1 - "Qeedrophonic"
Group Show @ OX-OP Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

Maps from Ox-Op and Yahoo.

August 14 to 29 - "Qeedrophonic"
Group Show @ Subliminal Projects, Los Angeles, CA

Subliminal's sight is, well, pretty subliminal. Here's Yahoo's map.

September - "Summer of Tiki"
Group Show @ The Shooting Gallery, San Francisco, CA

The Shooting Gallery has a slew of helpful maps (especially this one). Here's Yahoo's too.

October - "Holidays On Ice"
Solo Show @ Paul Smith Gallery and Store, Paris, France

Here's the worldwide Paul Smith site. Tucked in there is a map/hours for the Paris store (no mention of a gallery).

Maporama's map.

October 2 - November 14 - "Ghost Town"
Group Show @ Tin Man Alley, Newhope, PA

Tin man is in Philadelphia, not Newhope (which is about an hour north of Philly). Here's Yahoo's map. (By the way, I'm not sponsored by Yahoo, I'm just too lazy to find an alternative.)
UPDATE - Shag's page has been changed to say "Philadfelphia" now. Newhope has been dissed (yet again).

October 7 to 17 - "Qeedrophonic"
Group Show @ Laforet Museum, Harajuku, Tokyo

Get off the train at the Harajuku station. Cross the street. Turn left at Snoopyland. For teh rest of the way, refer to the Laforet or Superfuture map(s).

December 3 to 30 - "The Sophisticated Savage"
Group Show @ DC Gallery, Denver, CO

Sweet! Opens just a few weeks after we escape from the hinterland of Northern Japan and move to Denver. Here's DC Gallery's map (and Yahoo's too).


Speaking of Shag's gallery shows, the good people at M Modern Gallery have posted pictures from their "I Dream of Tiki" group show on Shutterfly.

Below are Shag's two contributions to the show:

"Heavyweight" looks like it might have been done recently - look at the richness of the green background. "Calypso"? With the almost impressionistic tikis I'd guess this is an early one.


What's happening with Copro/Nason's upcoming group show, "The Age of Aquarius: Summer Solstice"? I don't know either.

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