Sunday, June 06, 2004

Werewolf? Wolfman? Stop, You're Both Right!

ShagMart has "The Melancholy Wolfman" for sale now.

Or... support the galleries by getting "The Melancholy Werewolf" at the DC Gallery (click "Store" and there you go).


Ms. Cherry Capri's web-site has a plethora of Shag-related items.

A short bio/profile, a slew of photos, and the creme de la creme, check out the video page to see Shag helping out doing "back-up birdcalls" when the Thurston Howlies performed "Quiet Village" (along with Sven Book of the Tiki Kirsten and Hukilau Brown).

Anyone who performs "Jamaica Ska" in concert and has been photographed Mr. Paul Reubens is a-okay in my book.

(Thanks to Ms. Capri's dutiful assistant for the links.)

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