Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Good news to anyone lucky enough to be attending June's 'London Luau' - you will have first dibs to buy a limited edition print of the artwork, signed + numbered by Shag.

Make sure to check out Cheeytiki's site as well, especially his gorgeous Ltd Ed Britiki mug (only 18 quid)!


Monica was kind enough to tell me about a true Shag rarity and include pictures!

When Nettwerk Records released the 'Maybe This Christmas Tree' compliation with Shag artwork back in October of 2004, they also produced 35 serigraphs (12" by 12") of the image.

There were 12 artists on the record and each of them got one. There were 4 people that worked for the label that each received one and the other 19 were used for giveaways at retail and through online contests.

Monica is lucky enough to have #1 of that edition.

Before anyone e-mails to ask, i don't think she is planning to sell the serigraph anytime soon (if ever).

Odd how this wasn't included in Copro/Nason's 'Shag Ltd' show...


M Modern's Syd Mead solo show, 'Timeline,' and their accompanying group show, 'The Future,' open this Saturday, 15 Apr 06, with the opening reception(s) from 7:00 to 10:00 PM.

THE FUTURE is possibly our best group exhibition ever! This is an incredible line-up of our top selling artists that have shown with m modern. These works are among the best we have ever seen show up at the gallery and the visions presented by these artists are sure to have you contemplating what the future holds for quite some time. Here is a line-up of the confirmed artists for THE FUTURE:

Josh (SHAG) Agle * Glenn Barr * Tim Biskup * Dave Burke * Brad Burkhart * Colin Christian * Luke Chueh * Dave Cooper * Joshua P. Davis * Bob Dob * Korin Faught * Paul Frank * Thomas Hahn * Naoto Hattori * John John Jesse * Joe Ledbetter * Chris Mars * Mars 1 * Mark Mothersbaugh * James Naccarato * Lynne Naylor * Robert Pokorny * Chris Reccardi * Chris Remmers * Joey Remmers * Dale Sizer * Morgan Slade * Nathan Spoor * Jophen Stein * Stone * Joe Vaux * and more!

Many of these originals are very large for this group and this show will later be put out as a catalog that can be purchased from the gallery website or from the store. Look for this in the coming months.


i am literally counting down the seconds until the opening of Outre's 'On The Shoulders Of Giants' show. Here's a link to a countdown clock to help everyone else!

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