Friday, March 31, 2006

i've received a few e-mails with info (thanks to Ed and Ms Rhind), so it's time to decipher the notes i've been writing to myself and make a long-delayed post (many apologies, i've become addicted to playing Jeopardy! on-line)!

More eBay hijinks + hilarity...

Drinking Again
Acrylic and Vinyl Paint on Panel, 41cm x 61cm (16" x 24"), © 1999

Show - Dial H For Hipster
Dates - Aug & Sep 1999
Gallery - Outre Gallery
eBay Auction #7401223550 - Incredible SHAG Original Painting art FRANK SINATRA
Auction Ended - Mar-29-06 08:46:02 PST
Seller - vintage-animation
Highest Bid - $5,100.00 RESERVE NOT MET
Placed By - csj5855


Midnight Drive
Acrylic and Vinyl Paint on Panel, 30cm x 51cm (12" x 24"), © 1999

Show - J Is For Jetsetter
Dates - Jan 7 to Jan 30, 2000
Gallery - La Luz de Jesus Gallery
eBay Auction #7398323643 - ORIGINAL SHAG Tiki ARTIST Josh Agle PAINTING 2001! 'MIDNIGHT RIDE' ANUBIS Playboy WOLF in HOT ROD
Auction Ended - Mar-19-06 18:32:13 PST
Seller - countdiscula
Highest Bid - $4,550.00 RESERVE NOT MET
Placed By - paulie57


This is the first Guignol i've seen up on eBay, probably not the last...


Page 9 of the Spring 2006 issue of Modernism has a full-page ad for Outre's "On The Shoulders Of Giants" featuring Shag's homage to "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon."

Outre has updated their page featuring two pics from a new painting set in the Rose Seidler House:


The April 2006 issue of Juxtapoz has a two-page advertisement for M Modern's upcoming "Timeline" solo show by Syd Mead and "The Future" group show featuring Shag.

Roll over to M Modern's blog to see a pic of the ad and to see that "2007 will have solo shows from ... SHAG"

Also, turn to page 116 of the mag to see a pic of "Shag with a fan at his Copro Nason print show" standing in front of a serigraph of "Vinegar Girl." (The original is from 2002's "Hedonist Confidential" at Outre.)


Speaking of Juxtapoz, Ox-Op has posted images from Juxtapoz's 2006 group show at that they co-hosted with SooVAC:

The Herpetologists Wife I (Frogs)

The Herpetologists Wife II (Turtles)


Let's look over the upcoming schedule of events:

The Future Group Show
Apr 14 to May 13
M Modern Gallery

On The Shoulders Of Giants Solo Show
Outre Gallery
Melbourne - Apr 22 to May 23
Sydney - Apr 29 to May 29

Solo Show
Jul 15 to Aug 20
DVA Gallery

007 Group Show
Opens Jul 29
M Modern Gallery

Solo Show
Nov 18 to Dec 23, 2006
Jonathan LeVine Gallery

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