Wednesday, March 01, 2006

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The Marquis' Ladyfriend
Acrylic and Vinyl Paint on Panel, 28cm x 48cm (11" x 19"), © 2000
Bottomless Cocktail (2001) - Page 25
Shag Party (2001) - Pages 58-59
2003 Calendar (2002) - Top of February & Bottom of February (detail)
Shag's Little Book of Love (2005) - Pages 44-45

Show - The Sinner's Cookbook
Dates - Jan 5 to Jan 28, 2001
Gallery - La Luz de Jesus Gallery
eBay Auction #7394784075 - Original Shag Painting The Marquis Ladyfriend
Auction Started - Feb-28-06 15:36:37 PST
Auction Ends - Mar-07-06 15:36:37 PST
Seller - rascalking1976
Buy-It-Now Price - $7,500.00


Alrightey - more "The Elegant Thief" and "On The Shoulders of Giants" ponderings...

Picasso's "Old Guitarist" is in "The Elegant Thief." Outre's "On The Shoulders of Giants" will have Shag's homage to "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon."

To the left of the Picasso in "The Elegant Thief" is Dali's "The Persistence of Memory" from 1931. Here's hoping that if Mr Agle does have an homage to Dali that it's not of "TPoM."

One of the my favorite Dalis - seeing "Barcelona Mannequin" at the Teatre-Museu Dalí i was being reminded of a Jim Flora LP cover.

...and the painting of the monkey with the crown to the left of the Dali - was this the 19th century equivalent of the Black Velvet Elvis? i saw way too many of these things at junk... oops, ANTIQUE, stores when i was in Europe.

...also, is that a portrait of Alfred Hitchcock above "The Persistence of Memory"?


There's good and bad homages. There's also crap. When will ShagCorp put a stop to these eye-sores?


Don't forget that "U is for Undertaker" and "K is for Kapu" will be available at Shagmart today. As of 9:00 PST, neither pru or prkapu are up for non-Shagmart newsletter subscribers to purchase.

Hey - those Casino Kitty Qee's are still available for sale at Shagmart. Nice looking piece of plastic - goes with with my 400% Kill Bill Be@rbricks.

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