Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Zoologist's Wife: New Paintings & Artist Proof Prints by SHAG

DC Gallery is very proud to present "The Zoologist's Wife": New Paintings & Artist Proof Prints by SHAG!

The artist, Josh Agle (aka SHAG) is a man who needs no introduction. We know that you all love his work, just as much as we do. So if seeing some of his new paintings and several of his sold-out prints is not reason enough to check out this show, allow us to give you another reason: The artist will be here as well! That's right, SHAG will be on hand for a little meet & greet. So bring those books - or buy 'em from us - because you're going to want them signed.

As for the sale of the artist proof prints, here are the rules:

These will be sold to opening attendees (you must be present) on a first come, first serve basis - one print per person. NO phone orders. On the night of the opening, please form a line and your name will be taken and a number will be issued to you. Thank you for your cooperation.

Show runs from February 3rd - March 1st, 2006

Opening Reception: Friday, February 3rd, 7 - 10pm

With groovy tunes by DJ Frank!

Art, Music & Schmooz - Don't miss it!


Frank Sinatra - I'm Back Baby!
Show - The Greatest Album Covers That Never Were
eBay Auction #7385381404 - Ultimate SHAG Original Painting art FRANK SINATRA
Auction Started - Feb-01-06 13:55:35 PST
Auction Endsed - Jan-25-06 13:55:35 PST
Seller - vintage-animation
Buyer - zmcwilli0i5w
Opening Price - $2,000.00
Closing Price - $8,252.00 (Reserve Met)

Remember back in July 2005 when this was on eBay (if you don't, here's the link to the entry) even though it was scheduled to be in galleries until November 2005? Well, that seller (who had a Buy It Now Price of $13,000) placed on a bid on the January 2006 auction.

So a few questions come to mind -
1) Did the seller from the July 2005 auction not actually have the painting when s/he attempted to sell it on eBay?
2) Did the July 2005 seller have the painting, do the "The seller ended this listing early because the item is no longer available for sale," and then sell it to the January 2006 seller?
3) Did the July 2005 seller have the painting, consign it to the January 2006 seller, and then take part in a bit of the old auction inflation?
4) Did nothing remotely nefarious happen in any way, shape, or form in either auction? (This one i put in to refrain from getting the standard "we will find you and sue you" e-mails)


eBay seller vintage-animation (also here) is quite the Shag original dealer -

Dec 05 - The Hitcher from Pick Of The Litter
(they won it on eBay in Sep 05 for $6,600.00 and then sold it on eBay in Dec 05 for $6,000.00)

Nov/Dec 05 - The Old Crow from Dial H For Hipster

Nov 05 - Religious Icon 2 from Anatomy Of A Swinger

Jun 05 - Hu-Hula 1 from The Call of Kapu

Jun 05 - The Old Crow from Dial H For Hipster (reserve not met)

Feb 05 - Religious Icon 2 from Anatomy Of A Swinger (bid retracted)

Jan 05 - Eve from Before the Eviction

Dec 04 - Tiki Robot

Sep 04 - Lord Invader at the Gold Coast Bar, Hamburg from The Calypso Show

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