Thursday, February 16, 2006

Shag is mentioned in the Los Angeles Times article, "Living The 'Tiki' Life."

Be sure to check out the pictures - Amazing looking house.


Got an e-mail from Tonya on Monday that says:

I'm sitting here watching (don't ask me why) on E! a show called 50 Best Chick Flicks - Sex, Cries & Videotape and who's graphics do I see in between segments and in the background of the clips? Why, it's Shag's!

Being an E! show, it's being show again (and again), so if you're brave enough to watch it, here's the next three times it's on -

Thu Feb 16 05:00pm PST
Tue Feb 21 05:00pm PST
Sat Feb 25 12:00pm PST

(times taken from Yahoo! TV)

Ms Newton has been a big supporter of this lame-brained web-site since i was a Baron-in-training, make sure to check out her web-site.


The full poop from Outre Gallery on Shag's upcoming Australian shows-

On the Shoulders of Giants

Melbourne Show Dates:
22 April to 23 May
Saturday 22 April booksigning 12-2pm

Sydney Show Dates:
29 April to 28 May
Saturday 29 April Exclusive Cocktail Party @ Rose Seidler House (tickets limited)
Sunday 30 April booksigning @ gallery 12-2pm

Out from Southern California Shag returns for his latest solo exhibition of original paintings with shows set for Melbourne and Sydney, both hosted by Outre Gallery (of course). The theme of the show is still top secret but it promises to be full of iconic and playful classic imagery that is his trademark. Once again, email us now if you would like to be on the waiting list to buy an original artwork.

We will be publishing the wonderful Shag work THE ELEGANT THIEF as a signed and numbered limited edition print.

Wow - the Rose Seidler House is a must see (if/when i get back to Sydney).

"On the Shoulders of Giants" eh? Time to put my 'super-nerd' cap on (instead of my day-to-day 'average nerd' cap).

"If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants." - Isaac Newton, 1656

"Standing on the shoulders of giants" - inscription of the British two pound coin
"Standing on the Shoulder of Giants" - title of Oasis's 4th album, 2000

Good fortune! The den of cranks and people with way too much time on their hands, Wikipedia, has a whole page dedicated to the quote.

...kozyndan getting a major show (in fact, shows) at Outre? It couldn't happen to a nicer couple. Amazing art, i didn't know anything about them until back in early 2003 when their bunny tribute to Hokusai graced the cover of Giant Robot (Jeff Soto is on the cover of the current issue).

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