Wednesday, January 18, 2006

M Modern - a gallery that always seems to impress!

Sat., April 15th, 2006 opens a SYD MEAD solo show in gallery I and THE FUTURE, a very limited group show of our best selling artists to date in gallery II. SYD (as you may recall) designed the worlds seen in movies such as Bladerunner, Tron, Aliens, 2010, etc. and his futuristic vehicles (including many for HOT WHEELS) are instantly recognizable for their visionary designs. SYD is a sought after guest speaker the world over and we feel priviledged to have him show with us. Our companion group show THE FUTURE will feature artists such as GLENN BARR, SHAG, DAVE BURKE, CHRIS RECCARDI, LYNNE NAYLOR, NAOTO HATTORI, JOE LEDBETTER, LUKE CHUEH, THOMAS HAN, STONE, JOEY REMMERS, etc.. Their visions of the future always inspire and provide timeless eye candy.

-"007" A tribute to JAMES BOND featuring a new print release from SHAG opening Sat., July 22nd, 2006.


Not sure if Mr Agle will be involved with this, but this show should be BAM, KRUNCH, POW, and maybe BIFF (my mother's favorite Bat Fight sound) -

BATMAN - The artwork of ADAM WEST solo show gallery I and TRIBUTE TO BATMAN group show in gallery II on Sat., June, 24th.

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