Saturday, December 31, 2005

Just got an e-mail from Segni & Disegni, publishers of "Consegna Expressa." Copies of the serigraph are still available for sale! Looking at their web-site, here are your ordering options:

Order via fax at: 011 746914
Order via email, writing to:


Here's another ad for M Modern's upcoming "Blonde Bombshells" group show -

Don't forget - Artist SHAG (aka Josh Agle) will be signing copies of his new book, Shag: The Art of Josh Agle from 4 to 6pm.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sigh... Shag Ltd showed up at my doorstep yesterday afternoon and I'm more than impressed with the book! Unlike a certain error-filled book released a few months back, Mr. Nason and company have released a solid, accurate, and educational tome.

Interesting things I wouldn't have known without this book -

Page 13 - "Offset lithograph" is more or less a fancy word for "poster."

Page 15 - Shag rocks an iMac (looks like a G3).

Page 23 - "California Sun" was initially "High Spirits" with Tipsy #1 & #2 as the show prints.

(I take it that's why "Three Suns" is not in the book.)

Page 31 - A "giclee" is a "high resolution ink jet print."

Page 125 - #119, "Consegna Expressa" was published by Italy's "Segni & Disegni" AND STILL HAVE IT FOR SALE!! Two APs have been sold already (Infernal Intentions & Shag Ltd).

Page 128 - Chances of getting one of the 15 (10 + 5 APs) copies of #123, "Paws"? I am no expert, but I'm going with slim to none. Nice looking piece, too bad the edition size wasn't bigger - that'd help more critters.

Page 136 - #134, "Kapu" was published by Pieter Agle (who's listed as publisher of almost every Shagmart released serigraph). Seeing that it's from "Shag: A to Z," I imagine that the serigraph will come out in early 06 due to the large amount of Shag releases in 4th quarter 2005.

(Wasn't there a few months between the announcement of "The Little Inferno" and its eventual release?).

Page 139 - #139,"Disneyland 1955 Map" has a staggering twenty-four colors (25 if you count white).

Second place? #18, "Banana Liqueur" with eighteen.


Add in forty pages of edumacation from Douglas Nason & Jeremy Cushner, and I am greatly indebted to Shag, Copro/Nason, and Last Gasp for releasing this book.

All in favor of having Mr. Nason be the man behind "The Art of Josh Agle Volume II - Electric Boogaloo"?


The fake Shag references in Page 9's foreword? More than positive it's this one -

(Initially mentioned in Feb '04 - Covetous Neighbor Mk I)

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Here's the advert for M Modern's upcoming Blonde Bombshells Group Show, opening Jan 14th (closing Feb. 12th) -

Hey hey! Free shipping for 'Consolation Fish,' the 'My Way' set, or anything else from M Modern -

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Shag's first solo show of 2006 A.D. at the DC Gallery (Denver, CO) has a name... "The Zoologist's Wife."

Monday, December 26, 2005

From Shagmart -

Don't forget! Your Shagmart 25% OFF coupon is good today only!

Offer is only good on in-stock items. Coupon expires at
12/26/05 at 11:59 PM PST

[Coupon code no longer posted on this here blog since it takes away the wholepoint of being a loyal Shagmart newsletter subscriber...]

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Shag and Shag With A Twist get a mention in the LA Downtown News article "The Year Downtown Opened Up - How Art and Art Venues Shaped the Area in 2005"


December 2005 newsletter from Last Gasp has the Shag Ltd book on its cover with description on page 5.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Anyone have any info about this?

I'm amazed by the number of e-mails I received about yesterday's "2005 In Review" entry. Most popular subject - How do I have the time to throw something like that together? That, ladies and gents, is one of the many benefits of being an underworked office drone!

Vote for your favorite(s) of the year on the left!


Recent e-mail from Copro/Nason -

Hey Everyone- The Shag prints are now all online and prices are on the ones that are left. There are a few. We still have some SHAG, LTD. hardcover books also. There are only 1000 hardcovers in the 1st edition and we had 300 of them. After the book signing we are left with about 100 so if you want one order quick. The "Well Hung" and "Silk Screener" prints are also almost sold out with the pre-order so definitely order one if your interested. The lower numbers will be shipped first. We will have Well Hung finished and ready to ship next week. Sorry for the delay. Silk Screener won't be done until after the New Year but we aren't charging credit cards until the prints are finished. Our gallery hours are Wednesday to Friday 1-6 pm for the next few weeks. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!


Have you subscribed to the Shagmart newsletter? (Who hasn't!)

What if we told you that on one day only you could get 25% OFF on your entire order at Shagmart?

Well, on December 26th from 12:00 AM until 11:59 PM PST all you have to do is enter the [coupon code] in your shopping cart and 25% will be taken off your total.

It's our way of saying THANK YOU for a great year.

Cheers to a Happy New Year!
Your friends at Shagmart

PLEASE NOTE: Offer is only good on in-stock items.


eBay update -

Show - "I Dream Of Tiki" Group Show
Dates - May 8th to (sometime in the end of May), 2004
Gallery - M Modern Gallery
eBay Auction #7374884754 - *SHAG original painting *CALYPSO WITH CAT* with TIKIS!!
Auction Started - Dec-12-05 23:32:23 PST
Auction Ended - Dec-19-05 23:32:23 PST
Seller - bluevelvetvixen
Highest Bidder - oldhollywoodglamourgirl
Opening Price - $250.00
Closing Price - $5,100.00 - Reserve not met

The Hitcher
Show - Pick Of The Litter
Dates - June 4th to June 30th, 2004
Gallery - D.C. Gallery
eBay Auction #7374558227 - Original SHAG PAINTING Werewolf Vespa ART NR
Auction Started - Dec-11-05 17:06:37 PST
Auction Ended - Dec-18-05 17:06:37 PST
Seller - vintage-animation
Buyer - lunatone
Opening Price - $4,000.00
Closing Price - $6,000.00


Looking Forward to 2006? Here's the beginning of next December's "2006 In Review" entry -

Solo Shows -
Feb 3rd to March 1st - DC Gallery, Denver, CO, USA

April - Outre Gallery, Melbourne/Sydney, Australia

Jul 15th to Aug 21st - DvA Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA

Nov 18th to Dec 23rd - Jonathan LeVine Gallery, New York City, NY, USA

Group Shows -
Jan 14th to Feb. 12th - Blonde Bombshells @ M Modern Gallery, Palm Springs, CA

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Year In Review - 2005

Part I - Solo Shows -

Jan 29th to Mar 6th - Gracious Oasis: Paintings From Palm Springs @ M Modern Gallery, Palm Springs, CA

Mar 4th to 31st - Infernal Intentions: Rare Prints and Objects @ Perihelion Arts, Phoenix, AZ

Jun 4th to 30th - Push Your Luck @ Ox-Op Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

Jun 24th - Original Lands @ Disneyland, Anaheim, CA

Sep 1st to Oct 1st - LA By Day @ Earl McGrath Gallery, W Hollywood, CA

Sep 2nd to Oct 2nd - LA By Night @ La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Nov 12th - Disneyland Map @ Disneyland, Anaheim, CA

Nov 26th to Dec 4th - California Sun @ Space Force Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Dec 3rd to Jan 21st - Shag Ltd @ Copro/Nason Gallery, Santa Monica, CA


Part II - Group Shows -

The Story of Isaac

Feb 5th to Mar 1st - Group Show @ Mendenhall Sobieski Gallery, Pasadena, CA


Cycladic Figure in Landscape

Five Holes

Feb 5th to Mar 7th - Pop Pluralism @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery, New York City, NY


Business Deal

Feb 26th to Mar 12th - The Eye of the Illuminati @ Track 16 Gallery, Santa Monica, CA



Apr 2nd to May 3rd - Hot Chicks and Cool Rides @ Mendenhall Sobieski Gallery, Pasadena, CA


Match Game 2005

Apr 2nd to May 7th - Inaugural Group Show @ Billy Shire Fine Arts, Culver City, CA


The Castaways

May 6th - Sneaky Tiki @ M Modern Gallery, Palm Springs, CA


Three Monkeys

Jun 3rd to 30th - Pop-A-Razzi @ DC Gallery, Denver, CO


Tiny Bottle

Jun 18th to Jul 2nd - Bergamot Invasion @ Copro/Nason Gallery, Santa Monica, CA


Skeleton in German Helmet

Tea Time

Tiki Man

Tiki Totem


Woman on Record Island

Jul 09th to 31st - DIONYSUS - Tribute to Dionysus Records @ M Modern Gallery, Palm Springs, CA



Jul 23rd to Aug 16th - Everywhere Show @ Mendenhall Sobieski Gallery, Pasadena, CA




Sep 16th to Oct 8th - Tiki Art Too @ The Shooting Gallery, San Francisco, CA


My First Cocktail

Sep 24th to Nov 1st - Hot Lunch @ La La Land Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


Fraidy Cat

Oct 22nd to 29th - Samhain Party @ Copro/Nason Gallery, Santa Monica, CA


Futuro Ufoja

Dec 2nd to 29th - Cosmic Cocktail @ DC Gallery, Denver, CO


Part III - Serigraphs -

Behind the Screen - edition size 149
Shag Ltd

Cigaristo - edition size 300

Consolation Fish - edition size 300
Gracious Oasis
(only available @ M Modern Gallery)

Disneyland Map - edition size 300

Disneyland Original Lands Set - edition size 300
(too lazy to post all five images)

Guignol X - edition size 50

Last Table In Vegas - edition size 250
Push Your Luck

Little Inferno - edition size 250

Oku Ohana Oonu - edition size 250

Rum Demon - edition size 250
Shag: Art of Josh Agle Ltd Ed

Three Suns Set - edition size 250
California Sun

Well Hung - edition size 149
Shag Ltd

West Coast Jazz - edition size 250
LA By Day/Night

"X" - edition size 250


Part IV - Other Shag-related Events/Items/Stuff -

Shag With A Twist
Looking forward to a full-length DVD and Vegas show!


Pop Surrealism - The Rise of Underground Art
Includes these Shag images -
Prelude To Domestic Strife (2001)
Masquerade (2003)
Vice Monkeys (1999)
In Dreams (2003)
Fashionable Terrorist (2001)
West Coast Jazz (2003)

Shag: Art of Josh Agle

Shag Ltd

Shag's Little Book of Love

Tiki Art Too
Includes these Shag images -
Birdbrain (2005)
Grace (2005)

Weirdo Deluxe
Includes these Shag images -
Kind of Blue (1999)
The Rare Steak (2001)
Spirits (2002)
The Watcher (2002)
It Is Certain (2002)
The Impossible View (2000)


Paradirama poster


2006 calendar? Only available at W Hotels


Burton snowboards - 3 designs

Dirty Martini II CD cover art - Pottery Barn

Disneyland 50th items
(this is a cached page, so download what images/info you want as soon as possible)

Disneyland Map items

Disneyland 'Original Lands' Pins

Hint Mints - Holiday Edition

Push Your Luck items


Camel Cigarettes - not sure if this came out in 2005, but it was 'discovered' then

Coca-Cola Japan

Hummingflare Deoderizer - the link to the Japan-only TV advertisement featuring the Pink Panther is now dead

Renault Modus

(i'm betting i've boned this up and/or left something out, feel free to e-mail me!)

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