Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sigh... Shag Ltd showed up at my doorstep yesterday afternoon and I'm more than impressed with the book! Unlike a certain error-filled book released a few months back, Mr. Nason and company have released a solid, accurate, and educational tome.

Interesting things I wouldn't have known without this book -

Page 13 - "Offset lithograph" is more or less a fancy word for "poster."

Page 15 - Shag rocks an iMac (looks like a G3).

Page 23 - "California Sun" was initially "High Spirits" with Tipsy #1 & #2 as the show prints.

(I take it that's why "Three Suns" is not in the book.)

Page 31 - A "giclee" is a "high resolution ink jet print."

Page 125 - #119, "Consegna Expressa" was published by Italy's "Segni & Disegni" AND STILL HAVE IT FOR SALE!! Two APs have been sold already (Infernal Intentions & Shag Ltd).

Page 128 - Chances of getting one of the 15 (10 + 5 APs) copies of #123, "Paws"? I am no expert, but I'm going with slim to none. Nice looking piece, too bad the edition size wasn't bigger - that'd help more critters.

Page 136 - #134, "Kapu" was published by Pieter Agle (who's listed as publisher of almost every Shagmart released serigraph). Seeing that it's from "Shag: A to Z," I imagine that the serigraph will come out in early 06 due to the large amount of Shag releases in 4th quarter 2005.

(Wasn't there a few months between the announcement of "The Little Inferno" and its eventual release?).

Page 139 - #139,"Disneyland 1955 Map" has a staggering twenty-four colors (25 if you count white).

Second place? #18, "Banana Liqueur" with eighteen.


Add in forty pages of edumacation from Douglas Nason & Jeremy Cushner, and I am greatly indebted to Shag, Copro/Nason, and Last Gasp for releasing this book.

All in favor of having Mr. Nason be the man behind "The Art of Josh Agle Volume II - Electric Boogaloo"?


The fake Shag references in Page 9's foreword? More than positive it's this one -

(Initially mentioned in Feb '04 - Covetous Neighbor Mk I)

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