Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Year In Review - 2005

Part I - Solo Shows -

Jan 29th to Mar 6th - Gracious Oasis: Paintings From Palm Springs @ M Modern Gallery, Palm Springs, CA

Mar 4th to 31st - Infernal Intentions: Rare Prints and Objects @ Perihelion Arts, Phoenix, AZ

Jun 4th to 30th - Push Your Luck @ Ox-Op Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

Jun 24th - Original Lands @ Disneyland, Anaheim, CA

Sep 1st to Oct 1st - LA By Day @ Earl McGrath Gallery, W Hollywood, CA

Sep 2nd to Oct 2nd - LA By Night @ La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Nov 12th - Disneyland Map @ Disneyland, Anaheim, CA

Nov 26th to Dec 4th - California Sun @ Space Force Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Dec 3rd to Jan 21st - Shag Ltd @ Copro/Nason Gallery, Santa Monica, CA


Part II - Group Shows -

The Story of Isaac

Feb 5th to Mar 1st - Group Show @ Mendenhall Sobieski Gallery, Pasadena, CA


Cycladic Figure in Landscape

Five Holes

Feb 5th to Mar 7th - Pop Pluralism @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery, New York City, NY


Business Deal

Feb 26th to Mar 12th - The Eye of the Illuminati @ Track 16 Gallery, Santa Monica, CA



Apr 2nd to May 3rd - Hot Chicks and Cool Rides @ Mendenhall Sobieski Gallery, Pasadena, CA


Match Game 2005

Apr 2nd to May 7th - Inaugural Group Show @ Billy Shire Fine Arts, Culver City, CA


The Castaways

May 6th - Sneaky Tiki @ M Modern Gallery, Palm Springs, CA


Three Monkeys

Jun 3rd to 30th - Pop-A-Razzi @ DC Gallery, Denver, CO


Tiny Bottle

Jun 18th to Jul 2nd - Bergamot Invasion @ Copro/Nason Gallery, Santa Monica, CA


Skeleton in German Helmet

Tea Time

Tiki Man

Tiki Totem


Woman on Record Island

Jul 09th to 31st - DIONYSUS - Tribute to Dionysus Records @ M Modern Gallery, Palm Springs, CA



Jul 23rd to Aug 16th - Everywhere Show @ Mendenhall Sobieski Gallery, Pasadena, CA




Sep 16th to Oct 8th - Tiki Art Too @ The Shooting Gallery, San Francisco, CA


My First Cocktail

Sep 24th to Nov 1st - Hot Lunch @ La La Land Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


Fraidy Cat

Oct 22nd to 29th - Samhain Party @ Copro/Nason Gallery, Santa Monica, CA


Futuro Ufoja

Dec 2nd to 29th - Cosmic Cocktail @ DC Gallery, Denver, CO


Part III - Serigraphs -

Behind the Screen - edition size 149
Shag Ltd

Cigaristo - edition size 300

Consolation Fish - edition size 300
Gracious Oasis
(only available @ M Modern Gallery)

Disneyland Map - edition size 300

Disneyland Original Lands Set - edition size 300
(too lazy to post all five images)

Guignol X - edition size 50

Last Table In Vegas - edition size 250
Push Your Luck

Little Inferno - edition size 250

Oku Ohana Oonu - edition size 250

Rum Demon - edition size 250
Shag: Art of Josh Agle Ltd Ed

Three Suns Set - edition size 250
California Sun

Well Hung - edition size 149
Shag Ltd

West Coast Jazz - edition size 250
LA By Day/Night

"X" - edition size 250


Part IV - Other Shag-related Events/Items/Stuff -

Shag With A Twist
Looking forward to a full-length DVD and Vegas show!


Pop Surrealism - The Rise of Underground Art
Includes these Shag images -
Prelude To Domestic Strife (2001)
Masquerade (2003)
Vice Monkeys (1999)
In Dreams (2003)
Fashionable Terrorist (2001)
West Coast Jazz (2003)

Shag: Art of Josh Agle

Shag Ltd

Shag's Little Book of Love

Tiki Art Too
Includes these Shag images -
Birdbrain (2005)
Grace (2005)

Weirdo Deluxe
Includes these Shag images -
Kind of Blue (1999)
The Rare Steak (2001)
Spirits (2002)
The Watcher (2002)
It Is Certain (2002)
The Impossible View (2000)


Paradirama poster


2006 calendar? Only available at W Hotels


Burton snowboards - 3 designs

Dirty Martini II CD cover art - Pottery Barn

Disneyland 50th items
(this is a cached page, so download what images/info you want as soon as possible)

Disneyland Map items

Disneyland 'Original Lands' Pins

Hint Mints - Holiday Edition

Push Your Luck items


Camel Cigarettes - not sure if this came out in 2005, but it was 'discovered' then

Coca-Cola Japan

Hummingflare Deoderizer - the link to the Japan-only TV advertisement featuring the Pink Panther is now dead

Renault Modus

(i'm betting i've boned this up and/or left something out, feel free to e-mail me!)

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