Thursday, April 28, 2005

eBay Bonanza!

"The Wrong Number" from Mondo Bizzarro in Bologna, Italy's 'Art Parts Show' in 2001 - eBay Item #7318400523 - ends May-03-05 17:45:00 PDT


Mark your calenders - Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC will be hosting a Shag solo show of original paintings from November 18 thru December 23, 2006.

Yes, they told me 2006, but while you're waiting, check out the other shows they're having in the next 19 months - Biskup, Barr, Schorr (him and her), Baseman, Dalak, Soto...

(Thanks to Ed for the initial tip - two tips in less than a week!)

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Two more originals up for grabs -

"Night Birds" from Outre's 'Hedonist Confidential' in 2002
eBay Item #7318047539 - ends May-01-05 15:22:47 PDT

"The Drunk Waiter" from La Luz's 'Party Crashers' in 1999
eBay Item #7318148714 - ends May-02-05 00:07:12 PDT
Painting was up for auction twice in late 2003/early 2004 by same seller, but the reserve was never met.
The highest bid in those two auctions? $7,100.00

Monday, April 25, 2005

The H.G. Wells issue of Graphic Classics that featured Shag's artwork appears to be out of print, replaced by a second edition (same # of pages, added different stories, no Shag).

Art by Mr Agle in the first edition was black and white and previously shown in galleries - pretty much one for the completists.


Another original is up on eBay -

Sofia on the Couch

Show - People in the City
Dates - Nov 7 to Dec 14, 2002
Gallery - Earl McGrath Gallery
eBay Auction #7317505216 - Original SHAG (Josh Agle) painting!
Auction Started - Apr-22-05 09:04:57 PDT
Auction Ends - Apr-29-05 09:04:57 PDT
Seller - marcoreina
Opening Price - $2,000.00

NOTE - there is NO RESERVE on this auction.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

...and i forgot to add the upcoming 'POP-A-RAZZI' group show at the DC Gallery in Denver from June 3rd to 30th.

Shags' News page was last updated 17 Jan 05
ShagMart's News page was last updated 14 Feb 05

Another event that slipped through the cracks on the Shows page of Shag's site -

Match Game 2005

Showing at the "Inaugural Group Show" at Billy Shire Fine Arts until 07 May 05. The gallery is located here.

(Thanks to Ed for the scoop!)


Pic's of Shag's 'Disneyland 50th Anniversary' release set to hit the streets on June 24th (if you pony up the $$$ for a cocktail party) or the 25th (if you want to wait in line at the park). (Thanks again to Flyskyboy for the link.)

Adventureland - Original Art (Concept)

Fantasyland - Original Art (Concept)

Frontierland - Original Art (Concept)
(Gent on the left looks familiar...)

Main Street, U.S.A. - Original Art (Concept)

Tomorrowland - Original Art (Concept)

All five are going for $10,000 a piece (and the eBay countdown begins).


Adventureland Tiki Mug (Edition size: 500)

Aloha Shirt (Edition size: 500)

Fantasyland T-shirt (Edition size: 1955)

Frontierland Wooden Purse (Edition size: 1955)

"Original Lands" Serigraph Boxed Set (Edition size: 300)
Image size: 17 1/4" x 22 1/2" - $995.00
(Five Petite Prints - Image size: 8" x 10" - $75.00)

Tin Lunch Box (Edition size: 1955)


Coaster Set (set of 5)

Dessert Plates (set of 5)

Mug Set (set of 5)

Serving Tray



Main Street, U.S.A. Frame

Memory Album

Stationery Set

Reservations for the "SHAG Cocktail Hideaway" Reception will be accepted via beginning Monday, May 9, 2005 at 9:00 a.m. (Pacific Time).

Link to get the opening hours for Disneyland on June 25th

Disney DelivEARS's phone # is (800) 362-4533, outside the United States (714) 781-7557.

All images/pictures within this posting are copyrighted/trademarked/patent pending Disney and/or Shag blah blah blah more legal mumbojumbo blah blah blah. Images/pictures are only being posted for archival and/or free advertising purposes and I'm not making a cent from all this time wasted blah blah more legal mumbo jumbo blah blah blah. So, there's really no point in filing a lawsuit (haven't gotten one of those yet), sending a 'cease & desist' order (one gallery), and/or threatening me with bodily harm (two scalpers, one rip-off hack, a person of some artistic/journalistic standing, and a few troubled individuals).

Friday, April 22, 2005

Smattering of Shag With a Twist items -

All good things must eventually come to an end.

We wanted to be sure that you knew that only a few weeks remain for the LA engagement of Shag with a Twist at the Los Angeles Theatre Center Downtown. The show will soon depart for an international tour.

Many of you have expressed an interest in seeing the show. Still others of you want to see the show again and bring friends or family. We encourage you to secure your tickets NOW for the final remaining weeks. Several dates are already nearing a sellout.

Tickets can be purchased two easy ways: log on anytime to or call (888) 515-SHAG during regular business hours to speak with a box office representative.

Weekly specials include:

Thursdays, 8 PM – “Boyz Night” $10 off tickets plus a FREE cocktail. Girlz are always welcome too. (Code: BOYZ)

Fridays, 8 PM – “Retro Night” $20 tickets to everyone in ‘50s/’60s attire. Dust off those Pucci jackets and go-go boots and fire up the Vespa! (Code: RETRO)

Saturdays, 8 PM – There’s always something special happening on Saturday nights. You won’t want to miss a unique pre-show appearance by Miss Dixie Longate the famed Tupperware Queen from New York City on May 7th!

Sundays 2 PM (May 8, 15 & 22 ONLY) – Looking for a unique Mother’s Day outing? Put a smile on Mom’s face by bringing her downtown for Shag. One free kids admission (12 and under) with each paid adult for Sunday Matinees. Kids really dig Shag! (CODE: KIDS)

ALSO, just heard from Ms Cinderella that they are in the process of editing a shortened version of 'Shag With a Twist' to sell on DVD - it'll go in my DVd collection right between 'Road House' and 'Soylant Green'!!

Inundated with e-mails the past week or so with a slew of information -

M Modern Gallery will be hosting "The Sneaky Tiki" group show starting on Friday, May 6th.

Please join us at M Modern Gallery on Friday, May 6th from 7:00 pm until 11:00 pm for our group art show entitled "THE SNEAKY TIKI" featuring works from over 30 artists including Josh (SHAG) Agle, Tim Biskup, Dave Burke and Pizz to name a few. This show is dedicated to all things Tiki and the way Tiki has been sneaking its way back into the mainstream after a long hiatus from its heyday in the 50's and 60's. The show will conclude at the end of the weekend on Sunday May 8th.

This event is free and open to the public.

M Modern Gallery is located at 448 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262, phone 760 416-3611, web is and email is


Flyskyboy passed on two bits -

1. Gold Star Events is selling 1/2 price tickets for Shag With A Twist

2. Almost fell out of my chair at work when I saw this link, not a good thing since I'm seizure-prone and have a co-worker hoping to steal my pants.

Best thing about the merchandise release?

a. Looks like only 6 of the items are limited edition, with most of the editions being editions of 1955. Screw the $995 serigraphs, I'll take the slightly smaller mini-prints for $75.00!

b. In an effort to provide an equitable distribution of the limited edition event merchandise we have asked our Information Technology Department to assist us by supervising a Random Selection Process (RSP). The RSP eliminates the need to arrive early and stand in line. The RSP is a computer generated process using a list of Guest names and their desired merchandise selections and rankings. All Guest names, their merchandise selections and rankings are entered in the system. When all information has been input, a random list is created with the merchandise items that each Guests will be offered for purchase. For example, if an item has an edition size of 20 and 100 Guests show an interest to purchase this, the computer will randomly select 20 Guests who will be offered the opportunity to purchase the item. Maybe this will be used at the full-blown release also to limit the number of children having their necks stepped on by eBay sellers.

Decent edition sizes and this RSP thing almost makes up for the shameless promotion and high-priced cocktail party (at least we know the Agle children do not have to worry about affording their college educations).

I'll post pic's once I escape the cubicle (and the aforementioned trouser-thief co-worker).

Justb so everyone is prepared on June 25th - Disney DelivEARS's phone # is (800) 362-4533 (outside the United States (714) 781-7557).


A review of SWaT on


Blue Wahine

Show - Hedonist Confidential
Dates - May 6-May 12, May 17-June 17, 2002
Gallery - Outre Gallery
eBay Auction #7315711618 - Shag Original Painting Blue Wahine 2002 tiki
Auction Started - Apr-21-05 21:02:55 PDT
Auction Ended - Apr-14-05 21:02:55 PDT
Seller - kyle13tm
Opening Price - $2,000.00
Closing Price - $4,300.000 (Reserve Not Met)

Has this been on eBay recently? I don't remember, but I've gotten more than 1 e-mail about this one.

Friday, April 01, 2005

The Long Beach Press-Telegram published "Shag whodunit has imaginations" yesterday AM.

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