Monday, April 25, 2005

The H.G. Wells issue of Graphic Classics that featured Shag's artwork appears to be out of print, replaced by a second edition (same # of pages, added different stories, no Shag).

Art by Mr Agle in the first edition was black and white and previously shown in galleries - pretty much one for the completists.


Another original is up on eBay -

Sofia on the Couch

Show - People in the City
Dates - Nov 7 to Dec 14, 2002
Gallery - Earl McGrath Gallery
eBay Auction #7317505216 - Original SHAG (Josh Agle) painting!
Auction Started - Apr-22-05 09:04:57 PDT
Auction Ends - Apr-29-05 09:04:57 PDT
Seller - marcoreina
Opening Price - $2,000.00

NOTE - there is NO RESERVE on this auction.

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