Saturday, April 23, 2005

Shags' News page was last updated 17 Jan 05
ShagMart's News page was last updated 14 Feb 05

Another event that slipped through the cracks on the Shows page of Shag's site -

Match Game 2005

Showing at the "Inaugural Group Show" at Billy Shire Fine Arts until 07 May 05. The gallery is located here.

(Thanks to Ed for the scoop!)


Pic's of Shag's 'Disneyland 50th Anniversary' release set to hit the streets on June 24th (if you pony up the $$$ for a cocktail party) or the 25th (if you want to wait in line at the park). (Thanks again to Flyskyboy for the link.)

Adventureland - Original Art (Concept)

Fantasyland - Original Art (Concept)

Frontierland - Original Art (Concept)
(Gent on the left looks familiar...)

Main Street, U.S.A. - Original Art (Concept)

Tomorrowland - Original Art (Concept)

All five are going for $10,000 a piece (and the eBay countdown begins).


Adventureland Tiki Mug (Edition size: 500)

Aloha Shirt (Edition size: 500)

Fantasyland T-shirt (Edition size: 1955)

Frontierland Wooden Purse (Edition size: 1955)

"Original Lands" Serigraph Boxed Set (Edition size: 300)
Image size: 17 1/4" x 22 1/2" - $995.00
(Five Petite Prints - Image size: 8" x 10" - $75.00)

Tin Lunch Box (Edition size: 1955)


Coaster Set (set of 5)

Dessert Plates (set of 5)

Mug Set (set of 5)

Serving Tray



Main Street, U.S.A. Frame

Memory Album

Stationery Set

Reservations for the "SHAG Cocktail Hideaway" Reception will be accepted via beginning Monday, May 9, 2005 at 9:00 a.m. (Pacific Time).

Link to get the opening hours for Disneyland on June 25th

Disney DelivEARS's phone # is (800) 362-4533, outside the United States (714) 781-7557.

All images/pictures within this posting are copyrighted/trademarked/patent pending Disney and/or Shag blah blah blah more legal mumbojumbo blah blah blah. Images/pictures are only being posted for archival and/or free advertising purposes and I'm not making a cent from all this time wasted blah blah more legal mumbo jumbo blah blah blah. So, there's really no point in filing a lawsuit (haven't gotten one of those yet), sending a 'cease & desist' order (one gallery), and/or threatening me with bodily harm (two scalpers, one rip-off hack, a person of some artistic/journalistic standing, and a few troubled individuals).

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