Saturday, January 29, 2005

The full-bore Shag With A Twist site is up and running here.

Join the e-mail list and get some interesting goodies - wallpapers, sound bites, etc.


Got word from that the print show starting on 04 Feb at the DC Gallery will only be exhibiting the newer prints which are currently available.


The latest issue of Modernism just arrived in the mailbox and i noticed that it has an ad for M Modern's Gracious Oasis (opening in just a few hours) featuring The Supplicant - educational magazine that Modernism...

Friday, January 28, 2005

Just got this in from Denver's DC Gallery -

"New Prints" Show by SHAG
February 4th - March 30th, 2005

Opening Reception, Friday, February 4th, 7-10pm

Rockin' Good Tunes by DJ Dave Kerr

Art, Music and Schmooze, Don’t Miss It!

Huzzah - maybe i'll have a chance to score one of the serigraphs my wife has been slapping me to find (if you care, they're Dangerous Women, Desert Polynesia, Leeteg Tribute, Sepik Explorer)! I don't think she'd sell the kid for these prints, but i bet she'd have no problem trading one (or more) of my kidneys for them...


The 1st solo show of 2005, M Modern's Gracious Oasis opens tomorrow (Saturday) - i unfortunately won't be there. RATS!


My Shag Be@rbrick arrived today in the mail - domo!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Last two Gracious Oasis originals are up on the Shag site - Roadrunner and Golf Course Grief.


Shag With A Twist is coming soon. i've seen a 'sneak preview' of the full-blown site and was very impressed - i'm looking forward to posting the link.


Just got an e-mail that Ms Cherry Capri will be hostessing the Gracious Oasis opening at M Modern on Saturday, Jan 29, from 7:00 to 10:00 PM.


Old news (more or less) - two originals were up for grabs (more or less) on eBay -

"Tiki Robot"

The best Shag painting to come on ebay in a while. This painting dates back to the late 1990's and came directly from Shag's brother. It is entitled "Tiki Robot" The pictures don't do the art justice. The art framed measures 18" x 15"

Auction Started - Dec-09-04 12:58:43 PST
Auction Ended - Dec-16-04 12:58:43 PST
Seller - vintage-animation also here
Opening Price - $4,000.00
Closing Price - $4,000.00
Winner - paulie57



Show - Before the Eviction
Dates - May 13 - June 26, 2004
Gallery - Earl McGrath Gallery, NYC
eBay Auction #3777220778 - "Original SHAG PAINTING Art -Rare Nude - "Eve"
Auction Started - Jan-19-05 13:04:25 PST
Auction Ended - Jan-25-05 17:22:28 PST
Seller - vintage-animation also here
Opening Price - $6,000.00

The seller ended this listing early because the item is no longer available for sale.

Strange - i remember seeing at least one bid before the seller shut the auction down

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Japanese friend of mine sent this link over - Pink Panther (and Shag) are selling Humming Flare deoderizer (click the blue rectangle on the right of the 8/28). i recognize the woman in the ad, but i'll check back and make sure (she's one of the many Japanese TV 'starlets' popping up on talk/game/reality shows).

Is Shag known in Japan? i'd say no, but i was never with the 'hip kids' during my five years there. Amazing how, for such a consumerist society, Shag knick-knacks were never peddled (even Hello Kitty has a vibrator and toilet paper, not that i would want Shag-style versions of either).


The LA Times has a very good article about the Shag family's dwelling that just popped on-line today (20 Jan).


The Shag Be@rbrick is popping up on eBay after being released at the Parco in Sapporo in December.


Just got word that the Tiki Quartet serigraph set is still available for $80.00 (+ Postage). Just become a Grand Member for $24.00 and then you can get a set... all for the low low price of $104.00 (+ Postage)!!.


Eight of the ten images from M-Modern's upcoming Shag solo show "Gracious Oasis" are up on the Shag site. AMAZING looking stuff!! Now that i'm gainfully employed and have the $$$$, i wish i had the time to drive the Scion xA (don't laugh) down to PS and try my luck at scoring an original.

Also, the "Show" and "News" pages have been updated too.

Solo Shows -
  1. Gracious Oasis;Paintings From Palm Springs - Jan 29 - Mar 6 @ M Modern, Palm Springs
  2. Infernal Intentions: Rare Prints and Objects - March 2005 @ Perihelion Arts, Phoenix

Group Shows -

  1. Group Show - Feb 5 - Mar 2 @ Mendenhall Sobieski Gallery, Pasadena, CA
  2. Pop Pluralism - Feb 5 - Mar 7 @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery, New York

Having trouble getting to see that LA Times article and/or too lazy to register? Use "CovetN" as username/password to get in.


Updated the corny blog poll on the left - "Choose the Best Solo Show of 2004." Results from the previous poll -

Once all ten images of Gracious Oasis are up and running, the poll will change.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Article from OC Weekly back in November about Shag (and family)'s digs.

Interview with Swamp Zombies' guitarist (and vintage moto-cross racer), Travis Agle.

Monday, January 10, 2005

February 5th to March 7th - Pop Pluralism Group Show @ The Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC.

Opening reception on Saturday, February 5th, from 6:00 to 9:00 PM.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Updated the cheesball "Year In Review" - i forgot to enter "The Big Mug" released January 2004, into Part III. i think that was the last print to sell out immediately (less than 24 hours and not a Disney event).


ShagMart's News page has been updated (odd how it says it's the Jan 1st update). Maybe it's the post-holiday blues, but i get a "whoop dee doo" feeling about how "great" this year will be...

Monday, January 03, 2005

Short blurb about the upcoming 'Shag With A Twist' in the LA Downtown News -

LATC Gets Shagged: For at least a few months starting this March, the LATC, long mired in management controversy, gets happy. The artist Shag (Josh Agle) combines the party world of his art - swanky revelers, fez-wearing monkeys and one perpetual happy hour - with, get ready for this, musical theater. Shag With a Twist is a collaboration between the artist, the city's Cultural Affairs Department and the San Pedro City Ballet, whose co-founder Cindy Bradley will choreograph to the sounds of Italian go-go and bossa nova.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Year in Review Part I - Solo Shows

Fifteen new paintings

Show Print

Thirteen new paintings

Show Print

Three new paintings - Twenty-Five Prints

Show Print

Eight new paintings - Twenty-Five prints

Show Print
Gallery... uh... UK-based clothing retailer

Eight new paintings - Twenty-One prints

Show Print

Year in Review Part II - Group Shows

100 Artists See Satan @ The Grand Central Art Center


Age of Aquarius @ Copro Nason

"Violet Girl, Indigo Boy"

Be@rbrick World Tour

"From Your Valentine" @ Copro Nason

"Love Beast"

Ghost Town @ Tin Man Alley


I Dream of Tiki @ M Modern
(in conjunction with Tiki Oasis 2004)



Juxtapoz Magazine's 10th Anniversary @ 111 Minna Gallery

"The Reluctant Goddess"

Krampus & Christmas @ Copro Nason

"Krampus Wagon"

Modern Love @ M Modern
(and Palm Springs Modernism 2004)

"Palm Springs Serenade"

Monsters A Go Go @ Roq la Rue

"Surf Monsters"

My Way @ M Modern

"Making the Point"


Raising the Brow @ Earl McGrath LA

Raising the Brow @ Earl McGrath New York City

7 Year Itch @ The Starlite Room

"A Bright Idea"

The Sophisticated Savage @ DC Gallery

"Heimlich - A True Story"

Tiki Art Now @ Shooting Gallery

"In the Ratongo Room"

Year in Review Part III - Serigraph Releases

Adam & Eve
(available @ ShagMart & Earl McGarth)


The Big Mug

Conga Girls At Rest
(Available @ Outre & ShagMart)

Dr Scorpio's Lair
(Available @ Outre)

The Fox Hunt
(Available @ M Modern, Outre, & ShagMart)

Hu-Hula I/II
(Available @ ShagMart)

Krampus Wagon
(Available @ Copro Nason)

LA Modern
(Available @ The LA Modern Committee)

Making the Point
(Available @ M Modern)

Melancholy Werewolf
(Available @ DC Gallery, M Modern, Outre, & ShagMart)

Palm Springs Seranade
(Available @ M Modern)

She Dreams of the Alps
(Available @ M Modern, Outre, & ShagMart)


The Three Muses Set
(Available @ Outre & ShagMart)

Tiki Quartet
(Check out Tiki Central to see if they still have some available)

Year In Review Part IV - And Also...

"Heroes & Monsters" Book
(Softcover still available from Outre)
(Limited hardcover of 50 sold out)

Hide-A-Way Cocktail Cabinet
(Available from Starlite Room)

Mondo Lounge Shot-Glass

One Enchanted Evening Wrist Purse

Pink Panther knick-knacks out the wazoo
(Too bad 'Return of the Pink Panther' wasn't in the DVD set...)

Surrey Books -
The Pink Panther Cocktail Party
Shag's Jive Journal
Shag's Tiki Drinks 2005 Calendar
Shag's Tiki Drinks Deck
Shag's Zodiac

Tangaroa Mini-Print / Purse / Mouse Pad / Aloha Shirt

Waking Jose Mini-Print / Purse / Mouse Pad / Aloha Shirt ("Tiki Bloom") / Wrist Purse

[For Enchanted Tiki Room items, check MouseShoppe or call Disney DelivEARS @ (800) 362-4533 - outside the US, call (714) 781-7557.]


Apologies in advance if I missed anything - it probably passed me by while i was having a seizure and or moving from one continent to another.


Happy New Year... and don't forget to pass on some good fortune to the Tsunami victims.

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