Saturday, January 01, 2005

Year in Review Part I - Solo Shows

Fifteen new paintings

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Thirteen new paintings

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Three new paintings - Twenty-Five Prints

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Eight new paintings - Twenty-Five prints

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Gallery... uh... UK-based clothing retailer

Eight new paintings - Twenty-One prints

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Year in Review Part II - Group Shows

100 Artists See Satan @ The Grand Central Art Center


Age of Aquarius @ Copro Nason

"Violet Girl, Indigo Boy"

Be@rbrick World Tour

"From Your Valentine" @ Copro Nason

"Love Beast"

Ghost Town @ Tin Man Alley


I Dream of Tiki @ M Modern
(in conjunction with Tiki Oasis 2004)



Juxtapoz Magazine's 10th Anniversary @ 111 Minna Gallery

"The Reluctant Goddess"

Krampus & Christmas @ Copro Nason

"Krampus Wagon"

Modern Love @ M Modern
(and Palm Springs Modernism 2004)

"Palm Springs Serenade"

Monsters A Go Go @ Roq la Rue

"Surf Monsters"

My Way @ M Modern

"Making the Point"


Raising the Brow @ Earl McGrath LA

Raising the Brow @ Earl McGrath New York City

7 Year Itch @ The Starlite Room

"A Bright Idea"

The Sophisticated Savage @ DC Gallery

"Heimlich - A True Story"

Tiki Art Now @ Shooting Gallery

"In the Ratongo Room"

Year in Review Part III - Serigraph Releases

Adam & Eve
(available @ ShagMart & Earl McGarth)


The Big Mug

Conga Girls At Rest
(Available @ Outre & ShagMart)

Dr Scorpio's Lair
(Available @ Outre)

The Fox Hunt
(Available @ M Modern, Outre, & ShagMart)

Hu-Hula I/II
(Available @ ShagMart)

Krampus Wagon
(Available @ Copro Nason)

LA Modern
(Available @ The LA Modern Committee)

Making the Point
(Available @ M Modern)

Melancholy Werewolf
(Available @ DC Gallery, M Modern, Outre, & ShagMart)

Palm Springs Seranade
(Available @ M Modern)

She Dreams of the Alps
(Available @ M Modern, Outre, & ShagMart)


The Three Muses Set
(Available @ Outre & ShagMart)

Tiki Quartet
(Check out Tiki Central to see if they still have some available)

Year In Review Part IV - And Also...

"Heroes & Monsters" Book
(Softcover still available from Outre)
(Limited hardcover of 50 sold out)

Hide-A-Way Cocktail Cabinet
(Available from Starlite Room)

Mondo Lounge Shot-Glass

One Enchanted Evening Wrist Purse

Pink Panther knick-knacks out the wazoo
(Too bad 'Return of the Pink Panther' wasn't in the DVD set...)

Surrey Books -
The Pink Panther Cocktail Party
Shag's Jive Journal
Shag's Tiki Drinks 2005 Calendar
Shag's Tiki Drinks Deck
Shag's Zodiac

Tangaroa Mini-Print / Purse / Mouse Pad / Aloha Shirt

Waking Jose Mini-Print / Purse / Mouse Pad / Aloha Shirt ("Tiki Bloom") / Wrist Purse

[For Enchanted Tiki Room items, check MouseShoppe or call Disney DelivEARS @ (800) 362-4533 - outside the US, call (714) 781-7557.]


Apologies in advance if I missed anything - it probably passed me by while i was having a seizure and or moving from one continent to another.


Happy New Year... and don't forget to pass on some good fortune to the Tsunami victims.

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