Wednesday, December 07, 2005

ShagMart has been updated.

1. Solo shows for 2006 -
Denver, CO, USA - DC Gallery
Feb 3rd to March 1st

Melbourne/Sydney, Australia - Outre Gallery

Chicago, IL, USA - DvA Gallery
Jul 15th to Aug 21st

New York City, NY, USA - Jonathan LeVine Gallery
Nov 18th to Dec 23rd

2. The 'Three Suns Set' and 'West Coast Jazz' are available for sale.

3. Promised for 2006 - tiki mugs, items from Medicom, a fashion line, and "some of the most highly requested serigraphs."

(i am now under the impression that the rumored 'end of serigraphs' is officially untrue...)


Today's Arts & Craft lesson - DIY 2006 Shag Calendar

With Surrey Books not going to brighten up the 365 days of 2006 with an official calendar, here's a very simple (some might say "esthetically boring") way to make your own.

1. Surf over to this site
2. Choose starting date and select your type of holidays
3. Download to an MS Word file
4. Paste your favorite Shag gif/jpeg/whatever
5. Print out your cheesy calendar for that month and hang it on the fridge (application of gold stars and/or stickers is optional)

NOTE - Remember that these will be for your own personal use... Let's respect the whole 'copyright law' thing.

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