Monday, December 19, 2005

Shag has three snowboard designs in Burton's 2006 line that are reminiscent of "Holidays On Ice" -

The Penguin model is 156 cm. Compare design to "Brandy."

Polar Bear is also 156 cm. Compare to "Greetings From The Gondola." (i only see it for sale on-line here - i recommend you check your local shoppe!)

Yeti is 158 cm.

Here's the link to request a print catalog for Burton's 2006 line - please attempt to refrain from selling this on eBay.

Right when i was en route to posting this, Mike sent me an e-mail to say these are also being sold on eBay. With the suggested retail price being $649.95, looks like eBay is a better option. Well, probably not anymore...


Speaking of cross-promotions... Shag and Coca-Cola Japan have teamed up -

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