Thursday, December 15, 2005

Let's take a peek at the current eBay action!

Active -
Show - "I Dream Of Tiki" Group Show
Dates - May 8th to (sometime in the end of May), 2004
Gallery - M Modern Gallery
eBay Auction #7374884754 - *SHAG original painting *CALYPSO WITH CAT* with TIKIS!!
Auction Started - Dec-12-05 23:32:23 PST
Auction Ends - Dec-19-05 23:32:23 PST
Seller - bluevelvetvixen
Opening Price - $250.00

The Hitcher
Show - Pick Of The Litter
Dates - June 4th to June 30th, 2004
Gallery - D.C. Gallery
eBay Auction #7374558227 - Original SHAG PAINTING Werewolf Vespa ART NR
Auction Started - Dec-11-05 17:06:37 PST
Auction Ends - Dec-18-05 17:06:37 PST
Seller - vintage-animation
Opening Price - $4,000.00

(Looks like the seller also has "Frankenstein's Bride" (From "The Coolest Ghouls") and "Drinking Again" (from "Dial H For Hipster") on display/sale at their gallery.)

Closed -
The Marquis' Ladyfriend
Show - The Sinner's Cookbook
Dates - Jan 5th to 28th, 2001
Gallery - La Luz de Jesus
eBay Auction #7372419816 - ORIGINAL PAINTING by Shag The Marquis Ladyfriend No Res
Auction Started - Dec-04-05 15:53:30 PST
Auction Ended - Dec-10-05 16:05:41 PST
Seller - rascalking1976
Opening Price - $1.00

"The seller ended this listing early because the item is no longer available for sale."

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