Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Back from two weeks of doing little to nothing related to Shag, so let's dive right on in -

Group Show @ DC Gallery, Denver, CO - Cosmic Cocktail

Futuro Ufoja
Acrylic on panel (14" x 20")
Price: $5000 - SOLD


Good news for us penny-pinchers from Hint Mint's latest newsletter -

The “Minty” Deal:
All connoisseurs who place orders on or before December 10th by phone will enjoy a 25% discount bearing a six (6) tin minimum order for all Holiday Series mints. All Holiday tins are $2.99 per and we’ll happily mix the flavors if you like. Act fast, because when the Holiday Series sells out, they will be gone forever.

Here's the phone #'s i saw on their site -


Her Majesty, Ms Cinderella, sent a link of another Quicktime clip of Shag With A Twist is up on the Extinct Attractions site. Here's the link to the first one (with ordering info). In all fairness i should point out that the "Shag With A Twist" DVD is 7 min 15 sec long.

Hey Queen Cinderella, when should we begin booking our trips to Vegas to see SWaT?

(Looking through the Extincy Attractions site, Shag not only be on the upcoming "The Tiki Room Story" DVD, but also one about the "Carousel of Progress Story Vol. 1" too.)


Lastest eBay action -

Active -
The Marquis' Ladyfriend
Show - The Sinner's Cookbook
Dates - Jan 5th to 28th, 2001
Gallery - La Luz de Jesus
eBay Auction #7372419816 - ORIGINAL PAINTING by Shag The Marquis Ladyfriend No Res
Auction Started - Dec-04-05 15:53:30 PST
Auction Ends - Dec-11-05 15:53:30 PST
Seller - rascalking1976
Opening Price - $1.00

Completed -
Religious Icon 2
Show - Anatomy Of A Swinger
Dates - Jan 2nd to Feb 1st, 1998
Gallery - La Luz de Jesus
Auction Started - Nov-28-05 08:39:54 PST
Auction Ended - Nov-28-05 18:35:49 PST
Seller - vintage-animation
Buyer - malitikibu
Opening Price - $6,000.00
Closing Price - $6,000.00 (Buy It Now)

The Old Crow
Show - Dial H For Hipster
Dates - August & September, 1999
Gallery - Outre Gallery
Auction Started - Nov-28-05 08:49:37 PST
Auction Ended - Dec-05-05 08:49:37 PST
Seller - vintage-animation
Buyer - 24x7
Opening Price
- $4,000.00
Closing Price - $5,900.00


Good news for my obsessive compulsive tendancies from Copro/Nason -

All the images of every Shag print EVER will be up on the web-site soon!

Being a very helpful young lass, Ms Rhind was kind enough to send me a list of the 144 serigraphs on display - here's what was missed:

23. Inside The Volcano Short
24. Inside the Volcano Long
(i remember Ms. Imura mentioned this to me in an e-mail, but i was too much of a big dumb-dumby to update the list from November 6th. My appy polly loggy!)

109. Hideaway Cocktail Cabinet
(Listed, but didn't count it since i did not consider it a serigraph.)

123. PAWS Xmas Card Print (also here)
("This print measures 11 1/2" x 16" (approximately) and only 5 prints were ever made and 5 artists proofs.")

134. Kapu
140. Unextraordinary Evening
141. Tipsy 1
142. Tipsy 2
(Coming out soon? Hey, when will 119. Consegna Expressa get a decent release!?!)

143. Well Hung
144. Behind the Screen
(Copro/Nason's release to tie-in with the show.)

Wonder why "Guignol" and "Three Suns" were not included?

Mike says this from his visit to the opening night festivities - "The two new paintings were there and only Well Hung was already sold (for $12,000). Behind the Screen was $8,000."

A gigantic thank you very much to everyone, especially Ms Rhind and Mike, for the scoop on the opening night and Shag Ltd. book!

Of all the e-mails i've got about the show, only one was unsettling - rumor has it that Mr. Agle will soon cease releasing serigraphs.

Anyone out there that can confirm/deny this?


Outre has a blurb about their upcoming Shag solo show in April of '06 -

Once again, email us now if you would like to be on the waiting list to buy an original artwork.


The OC Register has a very short review of "Shag - The Art of Josh Agle" in today's edition.

No account? Use CovetN as User Name/Password.

Chronicle Books has a page for the upcoming (April 26, 2006) postacard book too.


Ugh. i think this one is the worst "Shag-like" painting i've ever seen (so far).

To quote a bit from one of my dear-departed mother's favorite movies "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" -

Mitzi. Oh tackorama! Who the hell does all the painting around here?

Bernadette. Someone with no arms or right foot by the look of it.

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