Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Very cool news you can use concerning Shag, Ltd -

The book you mention, Shag, Ltd., is actually a catalogue raisonne of Shag's prints. It will be released in conjunction with a show at Copro Nason Gallery in Santa Monica this December. The show will include one of EVERY Shag print/etching/etc. that has been produced to date, and by now that has to be near 100. For more information on the book/catalogue, I suggest you visit the publishers website:

I hope that helps.

Piet Agle

Sweet! Copro/Nason and Last Gasp working together - their "Night of the Tiki" rocks, so i have no doubt this book will be a fanboy and fangirl's dream!

Ahhh, with my super-sight powers i can see "words words more words by Douglas Nason" at the bottom right of the cover (a tad below "The Minotaur, Steadfast and Persistent").

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