Thursday, October 06, 2005

Somewhere and sometime there should be a bare-knuckle brawl between M Modern and Outre to see which is truly the best. While i'm waiting for that to happen, i'll just say this - they're both tied for first place as all around kick-arse gallery...

Speaking of Outre, here's a tidbit from their most recent newsletter (eBay scalpers please ignore the next down to the "NOTE" in this blog):
In stock now: great brand new Shag book SHAG: THE ART OF JOSH AGLE. Big hardcover tome of over 220 pages. We are also getting the limited edition version which you can pre-order with us now.
Also, Outre still has copies of that "Dr Scorpio's Lair" serigraph for sale for US $350 (+ US $25 shipping).

NOTE: The aforementioned 'bare-knuckle' brawl was only mentioned in jest. i'm a lover, not a fighter. (Well, really not much of either, but, in this day and age, describing yourself as a 'lover' is better PR).


Miles Thompson (aka kooch on Tiki Central) is an amazing artist in his own right (check out his keen site here). He's posted this piece of news you can use on TC:
rumor has it on Nov 5th at La Luz de Jesus Gallery on Sunset Blvd there is going to be a book signing as well as an art exhibit including new art from Shag, Dave Burke, Tiki tony, Crazy Al, Stuckie/Munktiki, Jeffrey Vallance, Davey, Ewik, Bosko, and myself...
Not a Grand Member of TC yet? Well, hop to it!

i'm still looking for a link for Davey (if there is one) - this guy's stuff in Tiki Art Two is great!

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