Saturday, October 29, 2005

Below is "Fraidy Cat" from Copro/Nason's "Samhain Party" Group Show.

Selling price is $8,000.00.


Shag's contributions to DvA Gallery's "Werewolf Bongo Party" are six artist-proof serigraphs -

The Coolest Ghouls - $625
Four Drummers Of The Apocalypse - $665
The Impossible View - $665
The Melancholy Wolfman - $425
The Missing Suitors - $515
The Undertaker's Wrong Turn - $565

...ShagMart and DC Gallery are still selling the non-AP edition of "The Melancholy Wolfman" for $200.00.


It's been a some time since i thought of this serigraph, but any ideas if/when that "Consegna Espressa" will ever be released?

Maybe it will be in the upcoming "Shag Ltd" catalog as the rarest serigraph on the market - i've only seen/heard of the one from last spring's "Infernal Intentions."

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