Friday, September 30, 2005

Razzin' frazzin' Blogger wouldn't let me in for the last twelve hours - sheesh, you think you'd get more from a completely free service...

Anyhoo, the delightful Ms Cinderella sent a slew of photos my way from Shag With A Twist -

The photos I am forwarding are by Scott M. Neal of Senseption. They are 3D. One can see the magic with a viewer.


La La Land Gallery has pic's of their 'Hot Lunch' show. Shag's contribution, "My First Cocktail," is 2nd from the left, 2nd from the bottom.

UPDATE - Yes, as my wife likes to refer to me, i'm a REAL DUMB-DUMBY! "My First Cocktail" is 2nd from the RIGHT, 2nd from the botom.

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