Monday, July 18, 2005

Was going to save this until i saw it up for sale on the site, but there's no need to pay an eBay scalper who went to the San Diego Comic-Con. The Casino Kitty Qee from Ox-Op's 'Push Your Luck' will be selling it at their site's shoppe shortly.


Forgot that the 'Pop Surrealism: The Rise of Underground Art' group show is going from 17 May to 13 Aug 05 at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center in Pueblo, CO.


Wasting some time at work here and noticed that even basing artwork on Shag's designs is still a violation of US (and international) copyright law.

Case in point #1, when Shag re-used (in so many words) the couple from 'Vice Monkeys' (from the Japan shows in 2001, 'Dangerous Women')... 'The Discerning Guests' (La Luz's 'Bottomless Cocktail' from 2002),

...he (or a ShagCorp rep) had to notify the US Copyright Office:

Registration Number: VA-1-301-786 - Appl. states drawing of a couple appeared in painting Vice monkeys by Josh Agle.


Case in point #2, the elephant from Return of the Pink Elephant (La Luz's 'Party Crashers' from 1999)...

...pops up again in 'Pink's Party' (again with the 'Bottomless Cocktail'),


Registration Number: VA-1-301-785 - Appl. states drawing of pink elephant appeared in painting Return of the Pink Elephant by Josh Agle.

So, to do some copyright CYA, Shag (or a ShagCorp rep) had to notify the US Copyright Office that he was re-using designs to ensure that he doesn't get sued (by his own person). Amazing stuff.

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