Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Shag's contribution to Copro/Nason's "Bergamot Invasion" Group Show.

"Tiny Bottle"


ShagMart's News page has been updated so you can get your own "Little Inferno"...

...or "Last Table In Vegas."

i just bought a set of the "Last Table In Vegas" playing cards that's now on sale.

There's also a plug for the Disney Anniversary merch coming out this weekend and a hint at La Luz 's show in September.


Here's a link to some fotos from a great looking tiki show, "Paradirama," in Sete, France.


Getting a bit lazy with the onset of summer (new bicycle and i'm thinking of becoming a naturist if i can get over my Zemmiphobia), but a new poll is up and here's the results from the last one:

1. Adventureland - 57.89%
2. Tomorrowland - 31.58%
3. Fantasyland - 10.53%
4 (tie). Frontierland - 0.00%
4 (tie). Main Street U.S.A. - 0.00%
My personal favorite? Fantasyland. It reminds me of when my sister and i made our mother vomit her guts out on the Tea-Cup ride back in 1978 (one of the few times we worked together as a team to accomplish anything).


Speaking of being lazy, here's the results from a long ended eBay auction -

eBay on Sale -
A Gentle Mockery
Show - Raising the Brow Group Show
Dates - Dec 11, 2003 - Feb 21, 2004
Gallery - Earl McGrath Gallery Los Angeles
eBay Auction #7323845142 - SHAG JOSH AGLE 2003 PAINTING
Auction Started - May-11-05 18:18:41 PDT
Auction Ended - May-24-05 13:13:18 PDT
Seller - jsalesO
Buyer - malibu15
Opening Price - $5,999.00
Closing Price - $6,889.00

$17,638 spent on three Shag originals (1, 2, 3) in a week - "malibu15" is a power shopper!

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