Thursday, May 19, 2005

After seeing a mention of it here and posting about it in early March, Chronicle Books has info posted -

Shag The Art of Josh Agle
Foreword by Billy Shire
Essay by Colin Berry
11-3/4 x 9-3/4 in
224 pp
186 color illustrations
ISBN 081185096X
Available after Thursday August 11, 2005.

This is the first major monograph of one of today's most popular and widely regarded artists, Josh Agle—more commonly known as Shag. His trademark style is spotted on everything from cocktail napkins and cigarette lighters to his brand identity work for the new Pink Panther film. But Shag is the first opportunity to appreciate the mastery of expression in this artist's primary output—his paintings. Gathered together here are nearly 200 wry and colorful scenes of signature retro decadence. Wasp-waisted women in Capri pants and turtlenecked, eye-patched men of mystery host parties where deathly specters cavort with cranky wolves, regal bulls, and blasé Adams and Eves sipping martinis. A Shag painting often takes place in the middle of a story whose conclusion could be hilarious, catastrophic, or both, creating a world of endless hinted narratives. Lowbrow gallerist Billy Shire and art critic Colin Berry offer keen essays that situate Shag in the artistic and cultural setting that has spurred him beyond the more predictable work of his contemporaries—creating a book that is simultaneously a fantasy playground of crisp lines and sharp colors, and a serious look at one of our most up-and-coming painters.

Josh Agle, better known as Shag (a contraction of the last two letters of his first name and the first two letters of his last), has had successful solo exhibitions in the United States, Europe, Japan, and Australia. He lives and paints in a mid-century modern home in the hills above L.A.

La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles, and so dubbed "the Peggy Guggenheim of Lowbrow" by JUXTAPOZ magazine.
Colin Berry's art and culture criticism has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Wired, Time Out, Print, Surface, Entertainment Weekly, and other publications. He lives in Northern California.


"The Gifted Fiddler" from Music After Midnight is the cover image

"Fondue Set" from Holidays On Ice is the image below the cover.

One hundread and eighty six color illustrations - how comprehensive will this book be?

A Gracious Oasis - 10
Disneyland 50th - 5

Before the Eviction - 13
Call of Kapu - 8
Holidays On Ice - 8
Heroes & Monsters - 15

A to Z - 26
Sultry Evenings - 1
Greetings From the Soul Patch - 6
Music After Midnight - 17
Tell No One - 5
Tiki Room 40th - 4
Twelve Stations - 12

An Open Letter To the Emperor - 8
Bottomless Cocktail - 16
Hedonist Confidential - 23
Leisure Principle - 6
People In the City - 18

Dangerous Women - 23
Inside the Volcano - 4
Night of the Tiki - 14
The Sinner's Cookbook - 20

The Calypso Show - 20
J Is For Jetsetter - 20
Supersonic Swingers - 21

Dial H For Hipster - 25
The Party Crashers - 18

Anatomy Of a Swinger - 20

This list is on no way complete, but I get the sum of 386.

Alrightey, let's subtract shows already featured in other books -

Bottomless Cocktail - 16

Hedonist Confidential - 23 (unfortunately out of print)

Heroes & Monsters - 15

Night of the Tiki - 14

Supersonic Swingers - 21 (whoa, didn't know this was out of print)

(i need to look through the books again to get a better count, don't i?)

...and we get 297. Let's subtract the Dinsey shows (due to copyright reasons) and we're left with 289.

(Thanks to the Honorable Wanda Carter for honing my mad high school math skills!)

i'll be first in line to buy this book, but i'm already looking forward to Volume II - Electric Boogaloo.

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