Thursday, March 03, 2005

Get Out, Arizona's Premier Entertainment Guide, has an article online - "Local artist has turned the feel of the ’50s into an industry."

Best part - "He's even the subject of a coffee table book due in September from Chronicle Books. “One of my gallery owners said he was going to a publishing show and he thought a book would be a good idea,” Shag says. “He came back with three or four offers,” which astounded the artist."

Here's hoping it's one of those bang-zoom comprehensive type coffee table books!

(Thanks to Google News for the hit...)


Here's a link to Shag's contribution to Copro Nason & Track 16 Galleries' "The Eye of the Illuminati" Group Show. No idea what the title is - anyone out there have the info?


"Infernal Intentions" opens at Phoenix, AZ's Perihelion Arts this Friday, 04 Mar 05. They sent an e-mail out yesterday stating that some of the items are still available for sale, they can be reached here.


Recapping the last two originals up for grabs on eBay -

Religious Icon #2
Show - Anatomy of a Swinger
Dates - 02 Jan to 01 Feb, 1998
Gallery - La Luz de Jesus
Auction Started - Feb-16-05 09:27:22 PST
Auction Ended - Feb-23-05 09:27:22 PST
Seller - vintage-animation (also here)
Opening Price - $5,000.00
Closing Price - $5,000.000 - NO SALE - BID RETRACTED

Birdnik's Table
Show - Night of the Tiki
Dates - 12 Jul to 14 Sep, 2001
Gallery - Copro-Nason
eBay Auction #7301919240 - Josh Agle- Shag Origional "Birdnik's Table"
One of a kind Origional from the "Night of the Tiki"

Auction Started - Feb-17-05 17:38:23 PST
Auction Ended - Feb-27-05 17:38:23 PST
Seller - gene5654
Closing Price - $4,050.00
Winner - foxxtv


Make sure to check out for all your Swamp Zombies' needs - still under construction, but the guy who's making the site knows way more about the SZ's than most mere mortals (like me).

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