Thursday, March 24, 2005

Even more Shag With A Twist info (while I'm stuck in my cubicle)!

Madame Cinderella sent the LA Weekly's review -

In case you've never set foot in Wacko or a thousand similar slacker galleries and novelty shops, Josh Agle is the artist currently known as Shag, a Southern California illustrator who celebrates, through graphic mimicry, the sybaritic early to mid-1960s. Tiki bars, Scandinavian fireplaces and jet-set bistros are all part of the Shag milieu, a cocktail-napkin landscape of blue-eye-shadowed sirens and turtlenecked swingers. This dance collaboration between Shag and the San Pedro City Ballet uses those napkins as storyboards for a murder-mystery, kicked off when one of the artist's beautiful people is done in with a corkscrew at a party. Composers Chris Lang and Cesar Benitez's 80-minute, bookless musical perfectly captures Agle's shagsthetic, thanks in large part to scenic designer Douglas D. Smith, costume director Joel Berlin, but mostly to director/lyricist/co-creator Cynthia Bradley, whose bouncy choreography sends her human pictographs on a twisting, frugging search for style, if not meaning. LATC, 514 S. Spring St., dwntwn.; Thurs.-Sat., 8 p.m.; thru June 11. (888) 515-7424. See Theater feature in two weeks. Written 03/24/2005 (Steven Mikulan)

(I learned a new word today - "sybaritic")

Tidbits from Ms Cherry Capri -

If you are in the Los Angeles area this Saturday, don't miss your chance to see the show "Shag With a Twist." On Saturday, March 26th at 8PM sharp, Otto Von Stroheim of Tiki News and Baby Doe will be hosting a very special night at this play.

This show is open to the public and walk up tickets should be available. The best part is if you mention TIKI NEWS, you will get 20% off the ticket price for this one night only! PLUS, there will be a no-host Tiki bar in the lobby serving drinks and a Q&A with SHAG himself after the show!

Advanced tickets may be purchased here

OKAY... well, if you can't make the show - at least pull up your favorite shaker and mix up a "SHAG WITH A TWIST" pineapple-vodka cocktail officially taste tested AND approved by the Master SHAG himself!!!

The recipe is on on Cherry's website!!!

Anyone going to the Q&A? Ask him about the upcoming coffee-table book from Chronicle Books for me, alright?

...and, while you're at it, ask for a sneak peak of whatever he's doing for the Disneyland 50th Anniversary too.

(Don't worry about me, i'll be safe and sound in my cubicle.)


Speaking of Chronicle Books, they have published (or will be publishing) "Weirdo Deluxe: The Wild World of Pop Surrealism & Lowbrow Art." The release date is either last February or 01 April. Pretty lofty words that it is "the first significant manifesto of the genre" - I expect that Last Gasp's "Pop Surrealism" begs to differ...

I haven't gotten official word, but a little bird has told me that Shag is one of the 23 artists featured.

Just Google'd to find out that the designer has a preview of the book on his blog.

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