Friday, December 03, 2004

Info from DC Gallery -


A Group Tiki Show

December 3rd 2004 - January 5th, 2005

“Exotic, alluring, evocative, and other-worldly. Images of gods, islands, weapons, regalia of tattooed chiefs – the vestiges of South Seas civilizations have fascinated the West since voyagers, adventurers and traders first ventured into the South Pacific."

"Earlier this century the tribal art of Oceania and Africa exerted an important influence on Modern Art. Picasso, Gauguin, Klee, Ernst, Madigliani, Brancusi, Giacometti, and Lipchitz were just some of the artists who incorporated an influence of Primitivism into their art.” – from Taboo: The Art of Tiki

Post-war America saw Tiki culture at its peak, and it has since been enjoying a revival in today’s popular culture. From the Exotica music of Martin Denny, to the tiki theme bars and restaurants that can be found all across our nation, and of course, to the artwork that is being created by so many well-known Modern Pop and Lowbrow artists today.

This is precisely what we wish to invite Denver art lovers to experience this coming December, with our first annual Tiki Group Show, “The Sophisticated Savage.” Many of today’s most popular Lowbrow and Modern Pop artists will be sharing with us their own take on this phenomenon known as Polynesian Pop, including SHAG, Tim Biskup, The Pizz, Kirsten Easthope, Lisa Petrucci, Mitch O’Connell (site having issues), Shaunna Peterson, Stone Larkin, Alex Meyer (can't find sites for either, but they mentioned in this write-up), Miles Thompson, and Heather Watts. This is promising to be one of our most exciting shows of the year, so don’t miss it!

Opening Reception TOMORROW!
(well, tonight since i was asleep when this e-mail came in)
Friday, December 3rd, 7-10pm

Here's a pic of Shag's contribution - don't know the title yet.

The Baroness and i can't find adequate child care for the 'Little Baron,' so we'll be dropping by the gallery sometime after the opening reception.

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