Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Had a post that was truly cooking with gas last week while using the free Internet at Panera Bread, but my laptop pooped out at an inopportune moment. Now that we have hi-speed access at home (still no furniture), here's hoping that I get updates going more often.


It's the holiday season, yet again, eBay should be getting a whole hell of a lot more exciting - a higher than usual amount of serigraphs up for auction going for a higher amount of money.

Hey, it's the first day of Advent and I can see that only eBay and Stuff-o-Rama are selling Shag's Advent calendars.

While out exchanging a bummed out router to Best Buy, I saw that Shag did the album art for this years "Maybe This Christmas..." CD compilation from Nettwork Records. Looks like it has The Polyphonic spree covering John Lennon's "Happy Christmas (War is Over)" and some band called Pilate ("Toronto based rock/pop band described as Radiohead meets Crowded House") covering The Pogues wonderful "Fairytale in New York" (must not forget the amazing Kirsty MacColl).


DC Gallery's group show, "The Sophisticated Savage" opens this Friday in Denver - it runs until the 30th. Thought we'd be there at the opening, but suitable supervision for The Boy has yet to be found...

M Modern Gallery's "My Way" group show ends this Sunday.

Copro/Nason's group show "Krampus & Christmas" opens on the 11th - will I try to get that limited edition Shag etching or not? Rather, will I be allowed to try to get that limited edition Shag etching or not?

Next solo show is at M Modern from January 29th to March 6th "A Gracious Oasis - Palm Springs Paintings."

Also, the Palm Springs Modernism show for 2005 is from February 18 to 20. Seeing that "Desert Polynesia" was released there in 2003 and "Palm Springs Serenade" in 2004 (both to benefit the Palm Springs Preservation Foundation)... Will Shag be releasing a serigraph at that event in 2005?


Even more Enchanted Tiki Room related merch for sale at Disneyland. Here's two topics from Tiki Central about them - #1 & #2.

Disney DelivEARS - (800) 362-4533 (Outside the US - (714) 781-7557)

Shag's deal with Disney for Tiki Room items ends in 2005. Hey, I also think that his deal with MGM for the Pink Panther re-design ends then, too.


Thanks to Google News, I found this story from "Out in America" -

One of Southern California's most famous living artists, Shag, has created a holiday card exclusively for Pets Are Wonderful Support/Los Angeles. Proceeds from the card sales will help PAWS/LA and its mission to keep people and their companion animals together.


Updates to my post on October 13th about "Shag With A Twist" -

1) There's a web-site up for the show here.

2) Cindy Bradley was kind enough to send a clarification about the article a few days back -

The Daily Breeze article was mistaken about Shag being hired as a set designer. In fact he is collaborating on sets, costumes, and has created the characters.

3) She also sent me the following press release -

A Cocktail of Music and Dance

Shag With A Twist
Previews March 3rd
LA Theatre Centre

Join the Jetsetter Club and experience a new show, "Shag With a Twist," a decadent Romp brought to you by Jetsetter Productions.

It all began at a Hollywood Memorabilia Show several years ago when choreographer/director, Cindy Bradley, picked up a cocktail napkin decorated with Shag art. "I was immediately struck with the thought that I had to work with this wonderful artist, Shag. Little did I know, he was a pop culture icon of such phenomenal proportion."

Determined to follow her instincts, Bradley made her way to Shag's opening at the M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs. There, she met the artist and proposed a collaboration to bring Shag's art to life in a stage production as unique as his work. "When I was approached by Cindy Bradley, I was impressed by her vision of how to make the paintings move while remaining grounded in the universe of Shag," said Agle.

"I thought it'd be fun to take art which exists in a very specific form and adapt it to something much larger; something that can appeal to people on many more levels than just the visual. The opportunity to collaborate with creative people who aren't just fellow painters has also been really rewarding."

Since then, they've worked together to create a distinctive theatrical experience "Shag with a Twist". A true cocktail of music and dance!

Composer, Chris Lang, adds to the mix bringing in an original score that includes the sounds of Italian Go-Go, Bossa Nova, and Exotica. His music accompanies "The Twinkie Buns," a live singing group that appears throughout the wacky Shag with a Twist world.

The story is about murder and deceit, but as sure as Slinky gets screwed, you are in for fun and laughter through entertainment that will transport you into an era of martinis and glamour.

You can join the Jetsetter Club and receive tickets to the previews of Shag With a Twist as well as special gift items by logging onto Membership is limited, but don't be discouraged, tickets for the show will be on sale soon.

I just noticed that parts/most of this are on the site under "Behind the Scenes." No idea how to join the Jetsetter Club yet... (Ahhh sweet smell of suspense!)


Legit (#1 & #2) or not? Six Space Gallery has been promising a Shag button set for a while now, but I don't think that eBay seller "backdoorbuttons" is doling out those sets.

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