Thursday, December 23, 2004

From the good good peoples at M Modern Gallery, hosting "A Gracious Oasis: Paintings From Palm Springs" from January 29th to March 6th -

Here is a preview of the limited edition show print that
will be offered exclusively through m modern gallery. Edition size is
300, 13 color serigraph, 20" x 29", Title is "CONSOLATION FISH". This
will be offered at a special price at the gallery the night of the opening
reception. Shag will be doing 10 large paintings for this show and
will also display some sold out artist proofs!

This will be the first solo show by Shag in the US o' A since DC Gallery 's "Pick of the Litter" closed on June 30th.


What else is next for Shag in 2005? Only definite items are -

1. The 'Shag With A Twist' musical opening in Los Angeles in March 2005

2. Something to do with Disneyland's 50th Anniversary scheduled for May 2005 at the Disney Gallery

Also, these are not official, but rumor and/or wishful thinking -

1. The Palm Springs Modernism event from Feb 18 to 20th
2. Tiki Oasis V in May from the 5th to 8th
3. M Modern's "Modern Love #2" Group Show
4. Even more releases from Surrey Books (and then some)

Pink Panther Cocktail Party Deck - 09 Jan 05
Shag's Little Book of Love - 09 Feb 05
Pink Panther Journal - 30 Mar 05 (although a very non-Shag looking PP is on the cover)
The Pink Panther Entertains - 31 Jul 05


Shag's Be@rbrick from the 'Be@rbrick World Tour' will be available for sale starting today, Dec 23rd, to coincide with the Sapporo Parco's opening of the 3rd leg of the tour.

It will only be a 100% size cub (not a 400% which would have rocked), and comes in a set with 9 other artists' creations -


Check out Toy Tokyo in the next few weeks to see if they have a set for sale and, worse case scenario, there's always eBay, home of the bootleg 'bricks made on mainland China.

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