Friday, December 10, 2004

Been rocking out to two "classic" Christmas LPs this AM - The Border Brass' "Tijuana Christmas" and "The Boone Family Christmas Album."

"Honey, I guess you better get them some figgy pudding!"


Copro/Nason has sent out info about their upcoming "Krampus & Christmas" group show -

Hey Everyone- The Krampus show is finally here!! Saturday December 11th from 700 p.m. - 11:30. There are some great holiday Krampus paintings so far and more coming!! Monte Beachamp (Beauchamp) from Blab magazine will be here signing his Krampus "Devil in Design" book (scroll past Dave Cooper's "Ripple") and "Blab" back issues. He will also be displaying some great rare vintage Krampus cards, many that were used for the book. We will also have authentic vintage Krampus cards for sale as well as Neo Krampus postcards by "Shag" and several others. The "Shag" Krampus etching should be finished also. Get something cool and Lowbrow to stick in the stocking rather than wimpy junk. I am putting some of the images online tonight so check the site at . See you there!!!

The C/N site is rarely updated, so calling them at 310-398-2643 or e-mailing them at would probably help us non-SoCal folks get a "Neo Krampus" etching or card.


Even more Shag/Disneyland art (and then the inevitable merchandise)...

Mouse Planet posted this on their Dec 7-12 Disneyland Park Update

The Disney Gallery has some big plans for 2005. All of these details and dates are subject to change, but here is a preliminary exhibit schedule MousePlanet was able to obtain:
- The Gallery closes on January 2 to remove the Haunted Mansion exhibit. This coincides with the date the Haunted Mansion Holiday closes.
- The Gallery closes for the entire month of January, and reopens in early February with the first of a three-part exhibit series honoring Disneyland's 50th Anniversary.
- The first exhibit features Fantasyland and the Disney princesses.
- The second exhibit, scheduled to premiere in May, focuses on the remaining three original lands of Disneyland. This exhibit features a lot of Shag's retro artwork
- A third exhibit featuring artwork by Thomas Kinkade debuts at the end of summer 2005.
Most of the exhibit artwork, including concept art from four original lands, become available on the Print on Demand system.

Maybe ShagCorp wasn't as annoyed at the treatment Disney gave them much as Shag was rumored to be.

The possibility that the "Print on Demand" system will be cranking out open-ended Shag prints is a departure from the norm too.

Discussion and even more info at this forum at Tiki Central. By the way, there are still available sopies of "The Tiki Quartet" serigraph set available at TC.


Finally, Google News Alerts pointed out that The Omaha World Herald referenced Shag on Dec 9th -

O'Halloran, owner of Murphy's Lounge near 96th and L Streets, will turn Jesters Comedy Club at 114th Street and West Dodge Road into a nightclub called "SHAG, a vodka bar."

O'Halloran's new club will be divided into two areas. The front room will feature a lounge with '60s-style furnishings. Six monitors will display artwork of Southern California illustrator-painter Josh Agle, who works under the moniker Shag.

Approved/not approved by ShagCorp?

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