Monday, October 18, 2004

O - Oku Ohana Oonu

Show - Shag: A to Z
Dates - May 31 to July 2, 2003
Gallery - BGH Gallery, Santa Monica, California
eBay Auction #3754964746 - "Shag Original Painting - tiki - "Oku Ohana Oonu""
Auction Started - Oct-13-04 22:12:17 PDT
Auction Ends - Oct-23-04 22:12:17 PDT
Seller - 5thnbeach
Opening Price - $7,500

i don't have time to tapdance around the subject - would you pay $7,500 for this 10 by 12 inch original? i guess it's a better deal than the price s/he is charging for "The Discerning Guests" or "Dr Scorpio" prints.

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