Saturday, August 14, 2004

And the Winner Is -

Only two (2) poseurs!! What a disappointment!

Speaking of Disappointments -

The Tiki Central Grand Member-only "Four Modern Tiki Legends" prints have been pushed back to August 20th. My life has become a Loverboy song... I am, in fact, "working for the weekend."

There are 206 Grand Members (as of August 10th). Will all 200 buy a set? Probably not. Take a chance and sign up today!

$20.00 to become a Grand Member + $80.00 for the set of prints = $100.00.

A much much better deal than, say, $650.00, eh?

(Yes, I can and will be mocking the needless 30% increase on a non-selling serigraph for as long as I want!)

Hey Simon...

Will you still remain a "bon vivant" in Mr Agle's opinion after you sell this personally autographed Flank on eBay?

Attention eBay Shoppers
(specifically, customers of "addude" and "irishgurrl")

The "Pirate's Hobbies" aka "Shagquarium" poster is still available from Juxtapoz for the low low price of $20.00.

New Poll on Your Left (no, your other left) -

"Your opinion on amount of serigraph releases and the images chosen in the past year (or so)"

To help everyone out, here's a (hopefully complete) listing of the serigraphs released in the past year:

Adam & Eve
The Big Mug
Conga Girls at Rest
Dr Scorpio
The Fox Hunt
Green Wahine
Heroes & Monsters set
House Industries set of 3
Into His Dark Heart
Melancholy Wolfman
One Enchanted Evening
Palm Springs serenade
Palm Springs Weekend
Tiki Central Grand Member's set of 4
Zodiac set of 12

Anyone that feels the need to turn this into an essay question (you know who you are), feel free to e-mail your responses to me and I'll try to post some of them on the site (if you want me too).

Would You Like Extra Cheese With That?

Anyone who's visited this site knows how much a sucker I am for a cheesy web-tool. Make a nerdy guy happy by clicking on the "Place Your Pin/Click Here" icon (right below the poll) and mark your territory.

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