Saturday, July 17, 2004

Why bid $99.99 (or $150.00) when you can bid $9.99?
Wow, eBay seller "mmedlin88" is "Not a registered user" anymore.  Wonder if this was before or after s/he was paid $7,211.00 for the "La Costa Barbarossa" original?
Less than a day left for the "The Reluctant Goddess" original up on eBay.  This will be the first sale scalper... err... seller "musiqueplus" has made in a long while.

Yes, I do have a life (to some degree), but I have been wondering what the upcoming (in three months) "Holidays on Ice" solo show will be like.  A celebration of plastic capitalistic holiday rituals?  Hijinks and hilarity during the Ice Age?  Perhaps he was a fan of David Sedaris' book from 1998 (I know I wasn't)?   
No matter what, I'm very interested to see what Mr. Agle ends up displaying in Paris this October. 
(Being an American who's lived abroad since 1997, do the majority of Yanks still have that issue with France?  I do wholeheartedly understand the Brits being a tad bitter over that spat in 1066 and Brazil's right to be PO'd over the French somehow winning the World Cup in '98.)

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