Saturday, July 31, 2004

Just a few days until the Tiki Central Grand Members-only print sets go on sale. You've probably already seen my post from July 22nd, but I'm repeating it again so anyone who wants a set doesn't get left out (or is forced to buy from a $%^&*#@ eBay scalper).

"4 modern tiki legends, 4 prints
limited edition of 200 sets

Prints go on sale August 13th to qualifying Grand Members!

Looking at the Grand Member Register, I see 198 members, from #1-Hanford Lemoore (joined Jan 12th) to #198-Aaron (joined July 31st).

Hey, that's me at #11-BaronV (joined Jan 14th)!

Unless folks have been signing up since July 31st, that means that there at least two sets available (and maybe more depending on how many Grand Members abstain from buying).

Here's the info.
Read the FAQ.
Sign up here.

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