Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Here's an odd one - i tried to e-mail the seller of the "La Costa Barbarossa" original up for auction on eBay and both times my e-mail was returned "Undeliverable - The recipient name is not recognized."

Note: eBay's Contact Information Policy requires that all members have updated contact information on file with us at all times. If you request the seller's contact information, and it is incorrect, contact us.

(From the eBay "How do i contact a seller" page.)

Anyone out there have any luck contacting eBay seller "mmedlin88"?

Hopefully the winner of the eBay auction, hothou2u8n, isn't being grifted out of $7,211.00.


Latest issue of Juxtapoz showed up in the mail this afternoon. I'll post each and every minute reference about Mr. Agle as soon as i eat some dinner.

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