Thursday, July 22, 2004

Hanford Lemoore, runs the Tiki Central Forums - a very informative sight stocked with hundreds of very interesting (to say the least) tiki fan-atics.

Shag + Mr Lemoore have teamed up to release  four 6" x 10", 5-color, hand-pulled serigraphs in a limited edition run of 200 sets.


Sven, Author of the Book of Tiki
Leroy, legendary Tiki carver from Oceanic Arts
Shag, Modern Tiki artist
Otto, publisher of Tiki News and master of Tiki Oasis

At the beginning of the year, Mr. Lemoore created the Tiki Central Grand Member program to offset server costs and whatever magic entails running a real web-site (as opposed to a cheesy blog like this one).  Two bucks a month, twenty four bucks a year, to help a guy out - not a bad deal.

If you became a Grand Member of TC before July 20th, you can score these prints for $20.00 each (or $80.00 a set) during during the "Initial Offering" between August 13th and August 27th (at least). 

Missed the boat and want the chance to score a set?  There were less than 2oo members before July 20th and it's one(1) set per person.  JOIN NOW.  After the "Initial Offering" is closed, the remaining prints will become available to Grand Members who joined after July 20th. 

Wow.  My one question - when will the 5th print featuring Hanford be released?

What are you still reading this?  Sign up!

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