Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Ahoy maties!  I sees that eBay seller "wackyfunshop" has steered his ship into the Sea of Rational Opening Prices (and capzized that insane But It Now price)!

(I still recommend getting "BBQ" from Grand Central Art Center, but I have an obsession with getting serigraphs from the gallery that releases it - Melancholy Werewolf from DC Gallery,  Palm Springs Serenade from M Modern, the Heroes & Monsters set from Outre, etc.) 


Word around the schoolyard about the Be@rbrick World Tour -

There were 40 be@rs on exhibition at the Parco Museum in Tokyo in June.  10 of the be@rs were released (at normal Be@rbrick size) for sale as a set (designers were HF, DevilRobots, Gimme Five, Marok, Stash, Andre, Skatething, SSUR, Perks and Medicom Toy).

The remaining 30 be@rs will be separated into 3 sets of 10 for at least three other shows - NYC and LA in 2005.  Paris in early 2005 (almost likely to be at Colette) and somewhere in London at some time. 

Here's images from the Be@rbrick World Tour Book showing all 40 be@rs:

So, sometime in the next 16 months a little Shag Be@rbrick will be available to buy.  (I like the Be@rbrick he did more than the Qee.)


Found this on the Shooting Gallery's web-page -

"Tiki Art Now" a new book by Otto Von Stroheim,
Forward by Robert Williams.
Published by Last Gasp.
Now in the printing process...
Call The Shooting Gallery at 415-931-8035 to order your copy at a pre-release discount price.
Art will show @ The Shooting Gallery in September

The "Summer of Tiki" Group Show is September 2004)

Here's a pic of the cover -


I tried blowing the image up for a better view, but it came out too fuzzy.  (I'm using MS Paint. ) 

Anyone see this painting before?  I'm pretty sure I haven't.

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