Wednesday, May 26, 2004

An update to Shag's site, still no update to ShagMart (37 days and counting)...

Shag will be doing a booksigning at the LA County Museum of Art on June 17 at 9:30pm as part of an all-night party called Tiki 'Til Dawn. The free event is to introduce the Museum to people who might not otherwise visit it, and will include music, films and fashion shows. Admission is free. The booksigning will be held in the museum's Central Court. Other authors and artists scheduled to sign include Sven Kirsten (Book of Tiki), Gary Baseman, Robbie Conal and Graham Nash. This will be Shag's only booksigning in the LA area in 2004.

(Anyone out there honestly believe that people will venture past the book-signing area to look at the exhibits within the LACMA?? Me neither. So, expect a whole bunch of autographed items being sold on eBay on June 18th....)


The Upcoming Shows page has been updated -

Shag will be a participating artists taking part in the BearBrick World Tour at the Parco Department Store's Museum in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, from June 12th to the 28th.

Betting Shag will not be there, but a 3 inch plastic figure decorated in his style will be.

What's a Bearbrick? It's about the same size of a LEGO figure, but with bear-like features (namely the head/ears). They're made by Medicom (who also made the Flank vinyl toy).

(Now, before anyone asks... No, I will not be in attendence at the show so therefore I will not be buying any Shag-themed Bearbricks.)


From July 10th to August 1st, Shag will be a participating artist in yet another show based on toy cr@p. This time, Ox-Op Gallery in Minneapolis, Minnesota, will be hosting Qeedrophonic.

What's a Qee? Who really cares? (I certainly don't.) Doing a Google, it looks like they're made by Toy2R.

Anyhoo, the Ox-Op show will have "one of a kind custom painted/altered/etc. 8" Qee Toys (Hong Kong's Toy2R Co.) from 35 artists - Mpls/LA/Tokyo."


This collectible toy fad is annoying. Just my opinion.


The Gallery page has been updated too -

Pick of the Litter will have three originals and twenty-five out of print serigraphs.

Original Paintings -

"The House Guest"

"The Hitcher"

Coming Soon
(my personal favorite)

Serigraphs -

The Big Mug
The Bird Chair
Blue Miles
Cocktail Delivery
Coolest Ghouls
Dangerous Women (Show Print)
Death's Unending Vacation
The Enviouis Girlfriend
The Game of Life
The Gift
Green Wahine
Idol Conversation
The Impossible View
Inside the Volcano
Missing Suitors
Night Birds
The Pick Up
The Red Phone
Roma Adventure
Smiling Widow
Three Black Crows
The Unchecked Anger of Alf Charles
Vice Monkeys
Vinegar Girl

Shag's site sez "For pricing and availability, please contact the gallery, but DC gallery has this to say from their e-mail newsletter:

Show Prints will be sold 1st come 1st served! Opening Attendees Only! No Phone Orders!

(Too bad, I'd love to get my hands on a Dangerous Women serigraph...)

Don't forget you can order the show print via PayPal using this here link.

Alrightey, is it "The Melancholy Werewolf" or "The Melancholy Wolfman"?

(I always thought it was a Wolfman, but what do I know?)

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