Tuesday, May 18, 2004

I got a few e-mails about this in the past day or so, but I waited until I got "official" word from the Earl McGrath Gallery in NYC.

We are selling the print "Adam And Eve". If you would like to see "Adam and Eve", please see our web site (www.earlmcgrathgallery.com). It's $500 and available through us. Thank you.


Emma Rivers

Earl McGrath Gallery

I know nothing about print making (and various other subjects), but I was thinking with it being four-color and 14 X 32 inches, maybe it would be $350. $400 tops.

This is the same gallery that put out The Masquerade Party for $500.00 - the average selling price these go for on eBay is $362.09. (Off subject a bit, but it always bothered me that the serigraph was elongated vertically compared to the original.)

I think I'll be waiting until a greeting card or placemat (laminated print!!) is released with the "Adam and Eve" image.

Well, I've just started looking forward to DC Gallery's "Pick of the Litter" show.

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